Thanks so much for your interest in our ‘Spend a Day with Matt and Katie’ workshop/mentor session in Las Vegas.

We’re making ourselves available on two days – Saturday, 18 February and Sunday, 19 February 2012. Take your pick! Only 5 places will be available on each day.

Also let us know if you’d like to do a live demo shoot to see how we interact with our clients. We’ve got a real couple (not models) on stand-by. The small group enables us to be really flexible so let us know what’s important to you.

Why are we doing this?

When we were starting out, we found it difficult to find experienced photographers who would be willing to sit down with us for a day and help us with our photography and our business. Workshops and conferences are great but it’s tough to get more than a few minutes one-on-one time.

So that’s something we want to offer to you.

Looking back, we know how valuable a day like this would have been to us. Sure, everyone learns from their mistakes. What if you could avoid making many of them altogether?

Here’s some more information for you:

We love the small group sessions because we can be really flexible with what we teach and we can maximise one-on-one time. What we teach is relevant to both wedding and portrait photographers.

Our goal for the day is to work together with you on your photography and your business so that you go away with a solid plan for 2012.

You’ll learn how we do things and then we’ll work with you to apply what you’ve learned to your own photography and business.

– How we shoot and interact with our clients
– Processing and Workflow – from shoot to delivery plus how we deliver weddings within 2 weeks.
– Working out who you are as a photographer to find your own style and voice
– Attracting and booking the right clients for you and your style
– Setting client expectations and boundaries for a drama free business

Practical Hands-on Activities:
We will give you practical advice and suggestions that are specific to your photography and your business. Then we’ll work together with you to make the necessary changes.

– Review and Critique of your website/blog – plus advice on how to improve them.
– Portfolio Review and Critique – advice and feedback on the images you’re showing to promote yourself
– Pricing Feedback – a review of your pricing and packages
– Client Communication – we’ll check out your e-mails and then we’ll share our e-mails, word-for-word what we say to clients

Q&A Sessions – throughout the day.

and of course there’s plenty more topics we can cover … just ask.


Do attend if:

– You want advice and feedback specific to your photography and business
– You want to work together with us to improve your photography and your business

and if you’re saying any of the following:

– Why aren’t I getting any enquiries?
– I’m getting enquiries, but why aren’t I booking them?
– I’m getting enquiries but after meeting with the clients they still don’t book.
– I wish I could attract the type of clients that I’d really love to photograph.
– I’d really like to learn to interact better with clients on photo-shoots.
– I want to learn to take better photos.

Don’t attend if:
– Your business is kicking butt
– Your workflow is super efficient
– You’re awesome at interacting with clients on photo-shoots


The Details.

When: Take your pick of Saturday, 18 February or Sunday, 19 February 2012.

Location: MGM Signature – our penthouse suite on the 30th floor

Time: 10:30am start until at least 6:30pm. We’re totally flexible if it goes later.

Cost: Only $395! (includes meals: morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

Limited to 5 spots each day to maximise one-on-one time and small group awesomeness.

Register and pay for Saturday, 18th February HERE.

Register and pay for Sunday, 19th February HERE.


You’re awesome! And we’re super excited at the prospect of meeting you in Vegas.


Matt and Katie.