It’s official!  We are coming to Melbourne!

We’re coming down for PMA Australia and thought we’d hold a few mentor sessions while we’re in town. We also plan to do a limited number of Lovey-Dovey shoots in Melbourne as well, but more information on that later!

‘Spend A Day With Matt and Katie’ is an intimate mentor session where you have our 100% attention for a full day. You can pick our brains, ask us ANYTHING and best of all, we will share our secrets. No holding back!

Please note: These sessions are specifically for portrait photographers, not wedding photographers. We plan to have an exciting announcement for wedding photographers soon.

The day will most benefit photographers who are about to start their portrait photography business, or those photographers who are within the first 6-12 months of running their business.

To keep the vibe nice and intimate, numbers will be kept very low. We’re talking only 5 people per day. That’s cozy!

We will be graciously hosted by Karen and Stuart from Emerald Eye Photography.  I’ve posted some photos of their studio … it’s amazing and the perfect place for us all to hang out.

Before we’d even officially announced it, the Wednesday, 2 June session sold out faster than a Spice Girls reunion tour. So, we’re making another couple of days available while we are in Melbourne.

You have the choice of either Tuesday, 1 June or Thursday, 3 June. Each day starts at 10am and goes through till 6pm.

For information on cost, and the link to a PDF with way more detail on what we’ll be covering … shoot us an e-mail: info (at)

Places will be given on a ‘first come first serve’ basis so act fast if you want to secure your spot for either day! Melbourne here we come!

~Matt and Katie.

How awesome is this? What a great place to hang out! Thanks Karen and Stuart!

Emerald Eye Studio

Emerald Eye Studio

Emerald Eye Studio

Emerald Eye Studio

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  1. lizzy c said:
    Hey Guys, you keep coming back onto my radar. Wandered past your shop when back in Tba recently. Everything looks like it's going well! The grand canyon looked amazing! When in Melbourne, comeby and say hi if around fitzroy! Liz
  2. Cindy Lee said:
    So glad to hear my suggestion worked out for you guys. How exciting
  3. Matt and Katie, you are very welcome! We cannot wait to hang out with you guys. We are also looking forward to meeting all those that take advantage of this amazing mentoring session with the both of you.