Matt and I obviously love photography. Traveling and meeting new people are two of our other favourite things to do. We are so fortunate that in our lives we are often able to combine all three on a regular basis.

When Mark and Ainslie asked us to go to THAILAND with them to capture their wedding, to say we were SO EXCITED would have been a total understatement.

Here’s a little bit of background for you … Mark and Ainslie got married when they were very young. They had no money, and didn’t really have the wedding that they had been dreaming about.

So, for their 20th wedding anniversary, Mark and Ainslie, along with 30 of their closest family and friends, flew over to Thailand … and they had their dream wedding.

Surrounded by thirty of their closest family and friends, Mark and Ainslie exchanged vows at a beautiful Thai villa overlooking the ocean. There was not a dry eye as everyone witnessed how their love and commitment has grown over the years. The wedding was followed by a Thai Lantern Ceremony on a nearby beach. This ceremony was so beautiful and was another unique experience we all shared.

There is something so powerful about hearing couples exchange and renew their vows after they have lived them for 20 years. Matt’s parent’s 50th anniversary was another time when we were lucky enough to experience such love and commitment.

Mark and Ainslie, you are a beautiful couple and a great example to young married couples like us. We feel so blessed to have met you both, to now call you our friends, and to have shared in such an amazing experience with you and your closest friends and family.

Instead of showing selected photos from the wedding (and our time in Thailand) we thought we’d share this slideshow that we created for Mark and Ainslie. In telling the story of this event we wanted to make sure we didn’t just capture the wedding ceremony, but the days and activities leading up to it as well.

This slideshow certainly brings back so many memories for us. We hope that by watching it, you will feel (a little bit) like you were there with us as well.

~Matt and Katie.

P.S. If you are on a slower internet connection, you may need to give it a few minutes to load!

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  1. Alok Sahu said:
    they both are seeming true lovers and they loves very much to each other
  2. These are fantastic! I love the colours and details, so happy we could be a part of their beautiful day!
  3. Andy Hilyear said:
    That is such an awesome coverage of a wedding. It would have been a blast to be there. Congratulation to Mark & Ainslie on the reaffirmation of your vowels. High praises to Matt & Katie for your photography & the concept of the slideshow...Cheers
  4. Melina said:
    Just beautiful, brought a tear to me eye!
  5. julie said:
    Absolutely beautiful.... just perfect!! Hope my wedding day is as wonderful!!
  6. Jade said:
    Just beautiful, you guys definitely know how to tell a story! Congratulations to Mark and Ainslie, looks like it was an absolutely wonderful day!
  7. Laura said:
    this is breathtaking. you added a wonderful music to the story you told.
  8. Stanley Wong said:
    Beautiful work! I love the story...the photos...the voices...the background music...and the gorgeous couple!
  9. I adore the photo of the b&g ON the water! GENIUS!
  10. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Love is the bow that binds couples together whether married for 5, 10, 20, 50, 60 or more years. Love shines through every moment.
  11. Bree said:
    .... I am speechless ... you have captured a wonderful family and they will treasure this for the rest of their lives.
  12. Beautiful guys! I love it, you really capture the moment and make it feel like I'm there.
  13. If anyone can keep a dry eye while watching this slideshow, they must be made of cement!! That was SUCH an incredible experience, just to view the images....I am so moved! What beautiful work, Matt and Katie and what a truly inspirational couple. CONGRATULATIONS to Ainslie and Mark!!!
  14. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!
  15. Ngoc said:
    This is just beautiful! I am so touched by all the voices. Mark and Ainslie, you two set an example and inspiration for young couples like us. I hope my husband and I can follow your footsteps!
  16. Tina said:
    Beautiful! What an amazing experience:)
  17. Micaela said:
    Just beautiful! Love how the slideshow captured the whole experience! Great choice of songs too!
  18. LisaK said:
    So amazing! Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple! You both did such an awesome job capturing so much beauty. : )
  19. Heidi said:
    OMG I am crying my eyes out! Just gorgeous! Well done guys, you are amazing! Congrats to Mark and Ainslie. Words spoken about them are truuly amazing. Must be gorgeous beings. As a young married woman, I can only Hope my man and I are just as inlove and fabulous. xx
  20. Emily said:
    WOW, fantastic! And the voice over just adds that extra element of life and the whole experience. Beautiful work guys!
  21. KatherineB said:
    Such a beautiful couple, captured so beautifully Matt and Katie and the slide show was AMAZING - particularly love the kids comments ..... just beautiful xx
  22. 2 words, beautiful & timeless.... Mark & Ainslie are sooo lucky to have such a gorgeous memory forever!