The more weddings Katie and I photograph, the more we see ourselves as storytellers, rather than just photographers. Almost anyone can take a photo these days. In fact, almost everyone these days is a photographer. I mean … how many people do you know that don’t own a camera, in some form or another?

Telling a story, however, is so much more than taking a photo.

Whether the label is photojournalism, photo-documentary or reportage … the essence of our approach to weddings is the telling of a story with images. Images that transport you back to the truth of that moment on your wedding day.

Here is a story within the story of Janice and Johann’s wedding day.

Janice and Johann are originally from Zimbabwe and many of their guests were flying in from all over the world to attend their wedding. Los Angeles, New York, Africa, and London were just a few of the places from which guests were travelling to share in the wedding day celebrations. Of the guests, almost a third of them were from overseas.

One of the special guests to make the journey for the wedding was Janice’s brother Rick. The morning of the wedding, Rick’s flight arrived from Los Angeles. After disembarking, Rick then drove 2 hours from Brisbane, arriving just in time only a hour before the ceremony was to begin.

This series of images (taken over only a few minutes) captures Rick’s arrival, and the emotional reunion of the family as they welcome him home.

It is in these unscripted and unrepeatable moments that the true story of your wedding day unfolds, not while you are posing for hours on end. Relaxed portraits are important, but they would only make up about 10% of the photos we taken on a wedding day.

These images still give me goosebumps. I hope they give you a little tingle as well.


Rick’s Dad rushed outside to be the first to greet him.


Michelle (Rick’s other sister).

A big hug from Grandma.  Mum watches on.

This is the priceless moment … as Rick sees his sister Janice for the first time.





Dad enjoying the moment.  Michelle holding back the tears.

Grandma …

Final touches …

A couple of beautiful relaxed portraits of Janice to finish.

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  1. Janice Oosthuizen said:
    Your record of that day has let us relive those precious moments over and over again. You are both incredible. Thank you!
  2. AWEsome work, love the wine bottle ceremony, really neat. A BIG Well done to you both.
  3. Tears here too...these are so beautiful. Just lovely...
  4. LOVE. THIS. :) goosebumps indeed.
  5. M&K.. 100% nailed it! you guys are goooood :)
  6. These are amazing! I felt like I was watching a movie. I love all the emotion you capture.
  7. Matt + Katie...these photos brought tears to my eyes. AMAZING! You ARE quite the storytellers. Fantastic work!
  8. Alice said:
    wow, so beautiful!
  9. Kate said:
    Wow! That is all I can say. Just wow!
  10. Bambi said:
    I was crying the moment he walked in the door! That is simply beautiful and captures perfectly what we as 'historians and storytellers' try to do every day! Well done!
  11. This brought tears to my eyes! Wonderful job capturing this moment!
  12. Laura said:
    these pictures really are priceless. awesome capture of their emotions and the joy about seeing his sister and family.
  13. WOW! You did an amazing job telling the story and getting across how everyone felt. The sixth one set off my tears of joy. Amazing job and gorgeous photos!
  14. John Edgar said:
    Killer, beautiful, awesome, emotional, epic, win.
  15. Lea said:
    Well done guys, these 'candid' moments are beautiful and do tell the true story behind the day. You have a real gift for capturing the right moments, as they unfold.. xx
  16. Normy B said:
    Great Story telling.... images that tell a story have more context , meaning and emotion.... awesome work guys!
  17. carla said:
    wow, i am all emotional looking at these and can only begin to imagine how special these images will be to the family! amazing.
  18. Spot on and well captured, Matt (and Katie).
  19. charlie said:
    oh my..the heart is a flutter..now thats capturing the true essence of a wedding..gorgeous!
  20. That's what it's all about!!
  21. Lauren said:
    Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. THIS is what great wedding photography is about.
  22. Heidi said:
    Wow, I got all teary. You guys did a fabulous job at capturing this gorgeous moment. Not everyone can capture these amazing stories, you have captured it beautifully.
  23. Beautiful as always, guys! x I want another look through...
  24. Beautifully captured!
  25. Kristie said:
    love the honesty in your photos, just beautiful.
  26. Karissa said:
    Simply PRICELESS. Yep I felt the goosebumps & my bottom lip puckered too. All the best to the couple to "& they lived happily ever after" in true storytelling!!!Fab guys....woohooo
  27. Annie said:
    Beautiful :) More than photography.
  28. Tracy said:
    a great story. You guys make wonderful story tellers :)
  29. Rachel said:
    so so precious. Tears here for sure. And can I just say - what a gorgeous looking family!!
  30. naww, lovely photos
  31. Justin said:
    Awesome and so real! What a series of such great moments that you've captured - thanks for sharing this story within a story :-)
  32. OH my, yep tears!!! such a beautiful set of storytelling images, gorogeous!
  33. Goosebumps, no. Tears through smiles, YES!!! AMAZING captures of those short but incredibly special moments....*runs off to find a kleenex*
  34. yep.... tears.....
  35. KatherineB said:
    Priceless...yes gave me goosebumps and tears. What an emotional wedding this must have been - beautiful!!!
  36. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Great moments of love captured as family comes together. Memories made at the click of a shutter. Smiles, hugs and tears celebrate a great day.