A common thread weaves through the weddings that we document.  The thread exists no matter the size of the wedding, the number of guests, the simplicity or extravagance of the day, or even the location.

The common thread is this. A couple in love.  Making their wedding vows and promises, and spending a relaxed day celebrating those promises with the people who mean the most to them. Whether these promises are made at a lengthy Catholic mass in a beautiful cathedral or during 10 minutes at the Brisbane Registry Office they have the same weight.

Themed photoshoots and gorgeously styled weddings are huge at the moment. I love photographing beautiful details and stylish weddings as much as the next photographer. But to me, all the glitz and the glamour is a bonus. I’m a wedding photographer because of people and moments, not things.

Del and Lucas’s wedding is the smallest and simplest wedding I’ve photographed. But it’s possibly the wedding that has impacted me the most. Of all the people who could have been present on this day. Here I am. In this moment. Taking photos to tell the honest and real story of this wonderful couple’s wedding day.

5 years ago today Katie and I made some important promises to each other. Sometimes these promises aren’t the easiest to keep, but they are always worth it. Each wedding I photograph reminds me of those promises. Sometimes in a small way. Often in a big way, like at Del and Lucas’s wedding.

Happy marriage Del and Lucas. Happy 5th anniversary Katie. Thanks for loving me even though I stumble more often than I walk.

Usually I post a bunch of captions throughout a blog post. I think I’ll let the photos tell the story this time.



Del and Lucas - Blog Post1

Del and Lucas - Blog Post2

Del and Lucas - Blog Post3

Del and Lucas - Blog Post4

Del and Lucas - Blog Post5

Del and Lucas - Blog Post6

Del and Lucas - Blog Post7

Del and Lucas - Blog Post8

Del and Lucas - Blog Post9

Del and Lucas - Blog Post10

Del and Lucas - Blog Post11

Del and Lucas - Blog Post12

Del and Lucas - Blog Post13

Del and Lucas - Blog Post14

Del and Lucas - Blog Post15

Del and Lucas - Blog Post16

Del and Lucas - Blog Post17

Del and Lucas - Blog Post18

Del and Lucas - Blog Post18

Del and Lucas - Blog Post19

Del and Lucas - Blog Post20

Del and Lucas - Blog Post21

Del and Lucas - Blog Post22

Del and Lucas - Blog Post23

Del and Lucas - Blog Post24

Del and Lucas - Blog Post25

Del and Lucas - Blog Post26

Del and Lucas - Blog Post27

Del and Lucas - Blog Post28

Del and Lucas - Blog Post29

Del and Lucas - Blog Post30

Del and Lucas - Blog Post31

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  1. [...] our last blog post Matt talked about common threads in the weddings that we shoot. One of those threads is a relaxed [...]
  2. Jasmin said:
    I love this post! I was looking through your old blog today and really noticed the difference in style. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on how you went about reinventing your style? Love it!
  3. ooohhh love these looks like an awesome wedding.. great shots
  4. [...] is the moment of Del and Lucas’ first look (see more here). [...]
  5. [...] is the moment of Del and Lucas’ first look (see more here). [...]
  6. these are awesome.. I love the way you guys see the world around you.. beautiful work.. keep it up
  7. Ngoc said:
    You're right, Matty. There is a thread throughout all of the weddings you and Katie have shot. Besides, the love you clearly photographed, you also capture the little moments that only a happily married person would see and take note. Like when the groom first sees his bride or seeing the reflection when the bride is walking on the street. Only someone with experience and appreciation can see those moments, and only someone with true talent can capture them so beautifully. Congratulations on reaching another level in your career as a photographer. You and Katie are becoming quite a team!
  8. You two are so talented! Love the stairwell shots and the little girl in the curtain - beautiful work!
  9. Bec Thorpe said:
    Ummm... I'm kinda speechless. I love your work M&K, and these are stunning. stunnnnning. pleeeease enter some of these in awards, looking down the staircase, the reflection in thosemirrors/glass panels outside... xx
  10. there are some seriously yummy and artistic shots here! Love them.
  11. Best wedding yet. I love each and every shot :). Congratulations on your 5th! It only gets better when you marry the right one. And I know you did :)
  12. Annie said:
    Beautiful :) Happy anniversary!
  13. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    True love doesn't need captions or sub titles, why, because love speaks for itself. After all is said and done there are three things that stand out, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of all is LOVE. Happy 5th Anniversary.
  14. Marisa said:
    Matt and Katie, these are amazing. I'm pretty sure a few little tears came into my eyes! JD and I are so honoured to have you photographing our wedding!
  15. amanda said:
    Wow, stunning work you two. Congrats and to the beautiful couple!!
  16. Wow guys. By the time I was half way through looking at these photos I was thinking to myself that this is breaking ground for wedding shots. To me, it's like, this is what everyone else is going to be doing in 2011 and 2012. You know when everyone started doing shots of the shoes, then shots of the dress hung in the window. It became the standard shot and with it came other "standard" shots. These shots feel like they are not standard. They really have the feeling of something new.
  17. charlie said:
    this wedding has inspired me, to do something about ours ;) it all..Beautiful heartfelt photography!
  18. sharlene said:
    Simply gorgeous. I love the philosophy you have toward your photography. With such a desire to capture the authentic, real moments that unravel at a couple's special day you will never fail to deliver. You truly become the storyteller without words. Congradulations to you both for 5 years of marriage and for always staying true to your convictions.
  19. Chloe said:
    Awesome job guys :) Love you stuff!
  20. Marni said:
    These are just fantastic and I love that you didn't need to put comments on them. They just told the most perfect story! I just love the series where they see each other for the first time! Absolutely gorgeous!