We have some very exciting news to share with you all!

Courtney and Jason’s gorgeous Byron Bay wedding has been featured in the latest issue (Spring 2010) of Cosmo Bride Magazine Australia! Eeek! How cool is that?! This is our first magazine feature so of course we are SO excited!

Make sure you go grab a copy and check it out! That is, if there’s any copies left after Courtney and Katie have raided the newsagents.

Now that the magazine is out, a full blog post from Courtney and Jason’s wedding will be coming soon! For now, we are off to the Whitsundays. Back next week!

~Matt and Katie.


Here are the double page spreads!



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  1. Ngoc said:
    Wow! Congrats you guys! These photos are beautiful. I love, love, love the style you've developed together. So bright, elegant, and chic. <3
  2. sheena said:
    Oh well done Katie & Matt! This is very exciting for you both. Love it. and I hope that the lovely bride and groom have the happiest blessed life together forever :-)
  3. Dudes, I'm so excited for you both! You totally deserve this! xxx
  4. julie said:
    out of this world amazing!! so happy for you guys.
  5. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    We quickly went down to our local newsagency and bought their only copy of 'Cosmopolitan Bride' as a souvenir of your lovely work. We will show it off with pride to all our friends and anyone else we can collar. Well done.
  6. Congrats!!! The spread is beautiful! :o) I hope you blog more often now! You guys have been MIA!
  7. Rebecca Latham said:
    OMG - Congrats you guys. Brought my copy yesterday.. couldnt wait to check it out! :)
  8. Maddie Bowe said:
    You guys get cooler and cooler!
  9. Annie said:
    That's amazing! So beautiful - can't wait to see the full feature :) Have fun!
  10. That is so fantastic! I need to grab myself a copy! :) So, so excited for you guys.
  11. Hayley said:
    Wow you guys! Fame of the nicest kind! Looks sooo good! Congrats!
  12. Kerrie said:
    How exciting!
  13. ahhhh awesome news guys!!!!
  14. Tracy said:
    Brilliant feature guys. So much deserved and this is the first of many more to come. Well done :)
  15. Angie said:
    HOW EXCITING!!!! Well done guys!!!! It looks fabulous!!!
  16. Congratulations and great exposure!
  17. So happy for you!
  18. Congrats! Fabulous news and incredibly beautiful pictures!
  19. Bel said:
    Oooer niiice!! Jasmine Star last issue, you kids this issue! Looks like Cosmo's steppin it up a notch ;-) congrats for getting the recognition you SO deserve xx
  20. Lyndal said:
    Awesome guys!! Congrats.. Beautiful as always x
  21. Congratulations, guys! Awesome exposure for you :)