Chasing unrepeatable moments on a wedding day. This is what excites us about wedding photography.

A few portraits are important to capture … but it is the gathering of your loved ones plus the unscripted moments and emotions that happen on your wedding day that can never be repeated. It’s in these moments that the honest story of your wedding unfolds, not while you are posing for photos for 2 hours.

This is a slideshow featuring some of our favourite unrepeatable moments from the last year or so.


Music: “On My Hand” by Lydia Cole

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  1. Dave & Kerry said:
    As the pair in the video and we so didn't know it was being taken - thank you so much for another priceless gift - this has put the biggest smiles on our faces and taken us back to the amazing day we had. Matt & Katie are truly gifted talented photographers, but also amazing, kind hearted people!!
    • Dave & Kerry -
      in our excitment we've put a comment on the wrong photos - we're are the ones above. Don't we feel silly now!!!
  2. Mayra said:
    Wonderful slideshow! AND the song...I LOVE!! Once I start playing this's on repeat all day in my car :) This is my fave on the CD, too! XX, Mayra
  3. Melinda said:
    Amazing! Of course... You pair share such an incredible talent.
  4. carla said:
    SO inspired!! amazing and beautiful and what a wedding day is really about!
  5. Theresa McDonald said:
    Another wonderous reason why I check your blog each and every day, to be moved and inspired...just beautiful so 'ROCK' everything you do. :-)
  6. Annie said:
    This is why I love you guys! :)
  7. Micaela said:
    This is so so true...when we look back on our wedding photos, it's the ones we didn't even know were being taken that we treasure the most!
  8. Guys, im like 25 seconds into this and I am already having an emotional cyclone :P Your both nothing short of amazing :)
  9. Stunning!!! Some beautiful and precious moments there!