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I’m back from Nepal and I’m super excited to tell you more about this trip, my other trips and well … everything!

Matt explained a small part of my journey in last month’s “You Can Do This” blog post. The overwhelming response from that post has shown me that sharing more – not less – of my story is the right thing to do.

There’s so much to tell that it’s hard to know where to start. How do you fit everything into a blog post? Or even 100 blog posts?

I plan to do that over time … but what about squeezing three years into a five minute talk? That was the recent challenge presented to us.


A month and a bit ago – before I returned to Nepal – we spoke at WPPI … a huge photography conference in Las Vegas.

One of the talks we gave was at Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite.

Ignite presentations are 5 minute talks with 20 slides. The thing is … you don’t control the slides. They change automatically every 15 seconds. It’s up to the speaker to keep up … or else.

It was the “or else” that had me worried.

You see, public speaking is very low on my list of fun things to do. It’s not the speaking part that terrifies me. It’s the forgetting-what-I’m-meant-to-say-in-front-of-1,000-people part that scares me the most.

Some people get a real buzz from being on stage. Not me. I do it because there is always at least one person – sometimes lots of people – in the audience who benefit from hearing my story. Because it’s their story too.

I fight through my fears because I know that my story can help others, not because I enjoy being on stage. Give me bungy jumping or sky-diving any day!

Usually Matt does most of the talking, but as this presentation was about my journey I had to do most it. I couldn’t hide behind Matt this time, but at least he was on stage next to me in case I swallowed my tongue. Or if I tried to make a run for it.

About half way through the evening it was our turn to talk. I was grateful for the bright lights because they meant I couldn’t see all the people in the crowd. Matt started us off and then it was over to me. *gulp!*

The slides changed every 15 seconds and somehow I managed to make it through. I think I did ok. I say “think” because I haven’t watched the video yet. The idea of watching it makes me sick. One day I’ll build up the courage. Maybe.

Most importantly … I survived. I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of all those people. And I didn’t run. I faced my fears again and made it through.


So, here’s our Photographers Ignite talk. It’s titled, “There’s Gotta Be Something More”.

The talk covers my 3 year journey from collapsing, being bed-ridden, burned out and hating photography … to re-discovering my love of photography through using my camera to help others.

I’ve got lots more to say on this topic but before I do, I thought it would be good to start from the beginning. For a long time I’ve been scared to share my story and show people the real Katie. I’m not scared any more.

If you connected with Matt’s “You Can Do This” post from last month, I think you’ll get a lot out of this video.

Maybe you’re not happy with your photography, or not happy in your job. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Surely, there’s gotta be something more?”

If that’s you, then this short video may have some answers for you.



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  1. [...] encouraged dreams that have been near and dear to my heart for years. Using photography for something. Our talents for something. Rather than creating a smart business just to have a smart business, [...]
  2. Krista said:
    Love it!
  3. Kellie said:
    Just amazing Matt and Katie xo you guys are very inspiring <3
  4. Loraine Bolen said:
    Wow! I am person who has always loved photography and have decided to go into business. I went to college in the film days, and have no business experience. Over the last few years I have been concentrating on my digital skills. I am currently taking Jamie Swanson's Marketog course. That is how I came across your link. As I am trying to learn as much as I can, growing in my skills, and setting goals; I have had this thought " how much would I love to photograph what happens on the missions field. To capture the people touched by other kindness and hard work, trying to make a difference. Just thought I'd share. Wondering if this is a nudge to be moving in that direction? Thank you for your inspiration. You are making a difference. In life that is what I aim to do, make a difference.
  5. Kerith said:
    You have found your purpose! I have chills. I will definitely be making a difference in my photography in the very near future. It's in my year's plan. Thank you for the inspiration and the true beauty you share with the world. xo
  6. Jade said:
    Congratulations... You guys are just awesome.. LOVE the video!
  7. I had to comment again and let you know that this video totally made me cry!!
  8. I hate that I missed you guys speaking at Ignite. It just wasn't in the cards for me to go to WPPI this year. But I totally can relate to this post. I spoke at Unite at WPPI last year and almost panicked. LOL. So glad you shared this video! Love your story... and YOU!
  9. look see. said:
    Seriously, this gave me goosebumps. Love, love, love your work and love, love, love your philosophy guys. Just freaking awesome.
  10. Amy Steed said:
    Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't tell you what a great inspiration you guys are to me. I'd love to chat more about what you're doing and help out!
  11. Yes we FREAKIN CAN!! I am crying my eyes out and so grateful for you amazing inspiring people, letting us know we can do so much more to impact this world and the people in it. I have been a photographer for a few years after gaining a degree in Media Arts, I recently had life changing experiences and decided I NEEDED to do more in the world. I enrolled in Nursing school, love it and plan to combine the two somehow, but recently I am discovering more and more ways to make a change and change the world with my photography. Thank you for helping me know even more! I wish I could meet you guys when you come to Auckland NZ but alas..poor student times begin again haha.
  12. Ken said:
    Making a difference is what it is all about whether you have a camera in your hand, a story to tell or a message to bring give it your all and make a difference. God Bless you both as you keep on making a difference.
  13. Kirsty said:
    LOVE this! Everything you say is true - the best times are when we can make this kind of difference - keep doing it!
  14. just awesome !
  15. Brooke said:
    Blinking back the tears & that is just after reading the words! Now for the video... :o) Love your authenticity & courageous vulnerability. Thank you!
  16. Hannah said:
    Wonderful video guys!!! You inspire so many! If people didnt get interested in your story from that talk there is something wrong with them! Wonderful job! And Kaite.... you didnt cry!!! WELL DONE!!! (i did though :P)
  17. Sarah said:
    You guys are inspirational and what you are doing is amazing! Keep it up!! :):) xo
  18. Lauren said:
    You two are some of my favourite people in the world!! Thank you for continually inspiring and motivating me :) I am so proud of the work you are doing and your commitments xx
  19. Kara said:
    That was AWESOME Katie, what a great job you guys did!
  20. Liz Jury said:
    I just love this... This is what it is all about...! You two are an amazing team... Katie, you are more than a rock star in every way...Your honesty about your struggles gives so many other people hope... we all think we are the only ones going through it... and then to turn this around and help others... Im more than inspired... xx