Right now we’re relaxing in our hotel in Leeds. Our wedding clothes are ironed and laid out. In a few minutes we’ll change and do one last double-triple-quadruple-check of our cameras, lenses and equipment before Joel (the groom) picks us up and we begin our coverage of today’s wedding.

First the ceremony at St Peter’s Church Rawdon with the reception to follow at The Priory Farm, North Yorkshire.

Whatever the English weather decides to do, either way, it’s going to be a great day.

Today is the first of three weddings we’re photographing over here. After the weddings we’re on holidays around the UK and Europe for a month and a half!

To say that we’re grateful for the travel opportunities that photography brings our way is a huge understatement. Our trips to Thailand, New Zealand, America, and of course throughout Australia have all created significant life memories and experiences for us both.

And now this.

So far we’ve been in London for about 4 days and it’s already been incredible. I don’t think we can wrap our heads around what the next (almost) two months has in store for us.

We certainly work hard. No doubt about it. We sure live and breathe photography and our business, and it consumes most of our waking (and some sleeping) thoughts.

But, we still feel like spoiled brats that this is the life we get to live. Even after nearly 6 years of it, this life is still not something we feel we deserve or have earned.

Whether we’re traveling to Tamworth, NSW for a wedding or all the way to Leeds in the UK, all we can do is offer heartfelt thanks to our wonderful couples who make it all possible.

~Matt and Katie.

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  1. Kellee said:
    I wish I had the next 2 months ahead of me in Europe. Have fun!
  2. nancy said:
    can't wait to see how the day unfolded for you!!
  3. Your posts are always so sweet and humble. LOVE THEM. Thank you for helping me keep perspective.
  4. charlie said:
    congrats..thoroughly deserved! have a wonderful adventure!
  5. Annie said:
    How freaking awesome is that!? Two months in Europe!? I will live vicariously through your photos! Have fun! :)
  6. Cant wait to see what you guys come up with over there! Have an awesome trip!