We first met with Hatty and Joel over Skype, and after giggling like children at their ‘cute English accents’, we got to know them more and chatted all about their wedding day.

As Hatty and Joel described their ideal day to us, we became more and more excited about our trip over to the UK to photograph their wedding! We couldn’t wait to meet them in person! After arriving in London and having a few short days to get over jet-lag, we caught the train from London to Leeds.

The morning of the wedding Joel picked us up and we chatted away with excitement during the 40 minute drive out of town to the Priory Cottages. He dropped us off and made a quick exit (so he didn’t see his bride).

Hatty was sitting getting her makeup done when we walked into the beautiful stone cottage. She squealed with excitement and thanked us repeatedly for coming all the way from Australia to shoot her wedding. I squealed too, and repeatedly thanked her for making it possible!

The setting for the wedding was amazing. A beautiful square of stone cottages, with white pebble paths and rows of lavender around a centre water feature. Wheat fields surrounded the property, with occasional patches of red poppies springing up in the distance.

The weather was forecast to be horrible and rainy, but as the day went on, the sun came out more and more! We joked with Hatty and Joel that we’d brought the sunshine over from Australia, that was our gift to them!

Matt caught a lift to go photograph the boys, and after Hatty finished her hair and makeup she slipped into her beautiful elegant gown, and then we were off to the church in an old 1961 Bristol. Hatty got choked up as she said her vows, which was really sweet. Joel simply beamed from ear to ear.

Probably the highlight of the day for me was just after we hopped back into the Bristol after the ceremony. I was sitting in the front next to the driver, with the newlyweds in the back seat. I heard Hatty exclaim “Joel! I’m just soooo happy!” It was a really lovely moment and summed up the whole day perfectly.

As you can see in the photos, not only were there huge amounts of joy at this wedding, but Hatty and Joel had also gone to so much effort to make it personal. All the little details had meaning to them, they’d really put a lot of thought into every part of their day.

For example, they had Blackpool rock candy – because Joel grew up in Blackpool. Instead of having a guest-book, they had guests write notes to them on vintage Hawaii postcards, because Joel proposed to Hatty in Hawaii. The confetti thrown outside the church was grown in Wales by Hatty’s auntie. All the food was organic and free-range, sourced locally in Yorkshire, and the wedding cake was home-baked by good friend Fran. How sweet!

The reception was lovely, the food was delicious, the guests had such great time. The speeches were hilarious, yet heartfelt and the first dance gave me goosebumps.

Hatty and Joel, we had such an amazing experience! It was so wonderful spending time with you both and so special to be a part of your big day. As we said to you then, even if yours was the only wedding we shot over there – it would have totally have been worth the trip over!


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  1. Working abroad to pay for your trips abroad, what a fabulous idea. When you've got skills like this, why not show them to the northern hemisphere, great job!
  2. What a gorgeous wedding. Brilliant work guys. Looking forward to the rest from the UK!
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    As expected your photos took me away to the wedding like I was there in all the festivities...thank you for coming back =) I've missed your blog posts...the first dance shot is sublime.... love it all!
  4. Jules said:
    Guys... Saying you did this wedding justice or well or even that you did it awesomely.. would sound cheap. So instead I'll just say .. I couldn't imagine this documented any other way. You were the perfect choice for this day. Truly amazing. Perfect blog post to compliment every part of it, also. Fantastic. So proud of you guys!
  5. Kristie said:
    Ooooo! looks like a total dream... beautiful photos, u guys are amazing. and a gorgeous couple too!
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    Absolutely stunning photos! You guys are just brilliant!! xx
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    Lovely photo story as usual. Welcome home.
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    have missed you guys, perfectly captured.. LOVE every single image!
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    gorgeous! I LOVE her dress, and love the way you captured this story. perfect.
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    Matt & Katie, absolutely beautiful as usual. Something truly special. There are so many truly amazing shots of this wedding. You guys are talented beyond words. Bless ya. Cathy x
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    Absolutely gorgeous, if you ever want to make any of your gorgeous images into jewellery just let me know, your photography is beyond words....
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    SO glad you're home and can't wait to see the rest of the goodness!!
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    I love the shot of the empty reception followed by the full reception. And she has one of the sweetest bouquets I've ever seen! :) I love these photos - what an experience! :)
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    it's all gorgeous. i especially love the reception images. have missed seeing your beautiful work. glad you had such an awesome trip.
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    That is one stunning bride! Beautiful photos guys. x
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