Looking through the photos from Kiara and Callum’s day, you’ll see that even though it was a relaxed backyard wedding, so much effort was put into making every little detail of the day perfect!

Sharlene and Danica (Kiara’s mum and sister) worked so hard to provide an extra special experience for all the guests. We’ve been on Sharlene’s case for years to start up a styling business because she is so talented! You can check out her blog here: Sweet Stella

It was such a happy wedding with Kiara and Callum grinning from ear to ear almost all day! They were simply so excited to be marrying each other, and the support and love from their friends and family only added to the joyous atmosphere. All the personal touches and gorgeous styling were the icing on the cake!

I’m also super-excited to let you know that this wedding was also featured in both Cosmo Bride Australia and Cosmo Bride China. Such an honour!


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  1. The third last shot is stunning.
  2. Amy Ly said:
    Log time fan of yours here. Love how down to earth these pictures are. Well done.
  4. Insane!, killer work my friends.
  5. beautiful beautiful work guys. What an incredible wedding. You wrote its story perfectly.
  6. Shaz said:
    I found this wedding in Cosmo Bride and have been obsessed with it ever since, and It's all thanks to your photos! They are amazing and unique and capture each moment perfectly :) I wish you were in SA!
  7. Sinead Allison said:
    I was just wondering what was Kiara and Callums backup plan as we are planning an outside wedding but are not sure what to do if it rains, Thanks
  8. Goregous - the shot under the lights is awesome.
  9. Bec said:
    Nicely done! Congrats on CosmoBride. x
  10. Annie said:
    I probably say this every time you post, but I REALLY mean it: this is my favourite ever! I can't get over how much I love these images and everything in them! Absolutely perfect. Nothing beats a backyard wedding, especially when you guys are the photographers :)
  11. Erin said:
    Beautiful! And congrats on getting it printed!! :)
  12. Wonderful! I was so excited to see your names in Cosmo Bride today, congratulations!
  13. Kyrin said:
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love how the photo's capture the story of the special couple's day! xo
  14. This wedding is so awesome, so rad, that you both deserve the highest of 5's! :)
  15. Kimmy Findlay said:
    You guys capture the happiness and details of the day so beautifully!! I had little tears in my eyes looking through these - so special! P.S. I so wish I knew about you when I got married ;-)
  16. Theresa McDonald said:
    Gorgeous guys....ever beautiful...I keep telling my girlfriend that she's GOT to have you guys shoot her wedding....just got to find her a man first.. =)
  17. Alan Woo said:
    Lovely as always guys!
  18. Hayley said:
    Beautiful images the whole feel of this wedding!
  19. Fiona said:
    Beautifully captured wedding guys! The bride and groom look so radiant and happy.