We just finished the most joyful wedding in Florida and had to share one of our favourite shots before heading to bed!

Thank you Kelsey and Trey! And thank you Florida! You’ve been good to us.

Tomorrow … Nashville.

~Matt and Katie.

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  1. Kelsey said:
    I LOVE THIS! And we love Matt and Katie :) Best day ever!
  2. Josh said:
    Love the expressions in this one guys! Top work. Is that!
  3. Hot shot! Loving this image!
  4. Megan! said:
    WOW! I am so happy to have met you both and that you could come and shoot the wedding. Can't wait to see more!
  5. Audrey said:
    Kelsey couldn't possibly take a bad pic! She's beautiful just like her mom. Best wishes to both Trey & Kelsey.
  6. "Mama T!" said:
    Kelsey~what a lovely girl, lovely dress, and ecstatic expression of joyful fun! SO happy for you and Trey! Blessings to you both!
  7. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    What a great fun picture. Popcorn? Is that why their mouths are open?
  8. Leslie Delk said:
    What a capture! Love the B&W on this. You guys were terrific. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.
  9. Nessa K said:
    Gorgeous shot!
  10. Annie said:
    FUN! Hope you keep having an amazing time! :)
  11. Que said:
    Fab shot!!!
  12. Peta said:
    Finally! Ive been checking every two days for new photos. What a great happy photo.
  13. Stelmer said:
    Way to go guys! So many rad elements to this shot :)
  14. Marni said:
    Popcorn?? Is there a story behind this terrific shot????
  15. Simone Clarke said:
    FANTASTIC!!! Love the fun and emotion here - You guys rock <3