This wedding is a bit of a different one for us. Why? Our good friends James and Cath invited us to their wedding as guests! The thought of this did give me a mini-freakout. I mean, what do you do at a wedding if you’re not taking photos!?!

I’m happy to say I didn’t take a single photograph all day. Matt on the other hand …

What do you give another photographer as a wedding present? Another platter or toaster doesn’t seem to cut it.

As a gift to James and Cath, Matt offered to do some documentary photography at their wedding. On one condition though. No expectations and no pressure. Matt said, “Let me do what I do, and we’ll see what happens.”

What I love about Matt’s images from the day, is that they capture the feeling of what it was like to be at James and Cath’s wedding. The happy couple are of course the centre of attention, but Matt has captured so much of what is going on around them.

This is the approach we take at all the weddings we photograph. But, I’m usually part of capturing the story. It’s a unique perspective for me to be an outsider to the creative process, and to relive the story of the day as someone who was there as a guest.

With the exception of the six individual portraits of the members of the bridal party, there are no other posed portraits. Despite that, or actually because of it, the images bring back so many memories and tell such a wonderful story.

Our biased opinion is that a wedding should not be a photo-shoot with some vows tacked on. It’s the gathering of your loved ones, friends and family, as they witness and celebrate those vows … that is the essence of a wedding. That’s what James and Cath’s wedding was, and that’s what we love to capture.

To James and Cath … we absolutely loved your wedding day. It was so relaxed, heartfelt and real. Although, I did feel a bit like a single woman on the day as Matt did his thing. But, being hit on by a few of your single male friends did wonders for my self-esteem! You’re both wonderful people and we’re thankful to have you in our lives.

I seriously love these photos and I hope you enjoy them too!


The farm.

Cath’s Mum and Dad put so much work into decorating the reception.

Friends and family were on hand to help with the setup as well.

The groom.  Deep in thought.

A special moment between James and his Mum.

Toni Jordan provided the beautiful music.

James’ nephew!

Fairy floss!

The bridal party.

James gave a moving tribute to his late Father.

First dance + tennis court = awesome!

A little rain wasn’t going to stop the dancing!

James’ nephew knew all the moves and led the crowd in ‘Thriller’.

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  1. Wow excelent til shift photography.
  2. Murray and Pam Lavery said:
    Mat and Katie, thank you for coming to our farm for James and Catherine's wedding. These photo's are SO GOOD. Katie, you have a way with dogs, our border collie adored you.
  3. Sian said:
    Ahhhh!! I cry with every new addition to your blog! If this is what I'm like looking at other peoples photo's I'm going to be inconsolable when I see the magic you will bring to capturing our wedding in the future!! So talented! xo
  4. Heather said:
    Wonderful! It's so special to take photographs at a wedding where you know the poeple... it gives a different flavor for sure. Looks like fun!
  5. Andy said:
    Excellent photos. We love the details
  6. nancy said:
    matt, great job. loved them all! tender moment with james and his mum made me cry..
  7. Matt...Beautiful work!! James and Cath...Beautiful Wedding!!!
  8. Kristen said:
    Such beautiful, beautiful photos. What a talent you have!!
  9. Debbie said:
    Oh I love the little lamb pics so cute what an amazing place to get married. You captured their day beautifully.
  10. Vanesa said:
    First of all, sorry for my bad englishm I'm writting you from Spain, just to say I love your work, its amazing and all your fotographs tell great stories.
  11. Gorgeous wedding!
  12. Wow. This is great work, Matt & Katie!
  13. What a fun day. The wedding party portraits were great and the photo of the little lambs was so sweet. :)
  14. WOW! another awesome wedding! how do you do it?!
  15. Elissa said:
    I love this wedding.. it's so beautiful and organic. And the pictures of the food make me hungry.
  16. David said:
    Amazing job, and it somehow got better when the sun went down.
  17. sam hurd said:
    WOW. this wedding was sooo DIY and epic.
  18. what a great wedding! i love how you guys call it fairy floss (we call in cotton candy in wisconsin). overall an amazing job!
  19. James Day said:
    Folks. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments about our wedding. It really was a magical day. Matt - You are a very good friend and I have confidence I will be able to say that until the day I die. Thank you. Thank you for being my friend and expressing it in such beautiful ways. Your mate, James.
  20. Matt and Katie, we are in love. There are so many incredible captures in here. Awesome, awesome, awesome.
  21. Lots of beautiful moments captured. Love the individual 'head shots'!
  22. Jane said:
    These photos are AMAZING! I love them!
  23. Brilliant work! I couldn't agree more about the wedding being a coming together of families and friends to celebrate and you captured that feeling through some incredible moments. Awesome!
  24. Wow .. such a thoughtful, priceless gift. I feel like I was there just by looking at your pics! Why wonder Katie is so proud of you :)You are a star mister! :)
  25. Daniel said:
    Love your tones and those night rain/partying photos look pretty sweet!
  26. That was such a great day! While I was bummed you didn't sit down for long and socialise with us (Matt) I am so excited to see these images. What a wonderful, heartfelt gift. James and Cath will treasure these forever. Absolutely beautiful :) xxx
  27. killed it guys! should do PJ more often :) JB
  28. Fantastic portraits, love the way you caught the details, like the hanging tags. Love the tennis court dance shots. Beautiful job covering a wedding I wish I'd attended. What fun!
  29. Daniel said:
    Great stuff! Your processing is awesome! Love the look and the poses and how natural everyone looks!
  30. Oh, I love farm weddings! Such cute details at this wedding. The bridal party portraits are so creative!
  31. Karen said:
    Wow! These are absolutely stunning. Amazing images.
  32. Damn! Love that first dance shot but the whole set if beautiful.. bravo!
  33. Kim Selby said:
    This is seriously beautiful work Matt. I loved every image, but the dance shots especially sent tingles down my spine. Such a beautiful wedding and you have told their story perfectly.
  34. emma said:
    wow, how beautiful is this.
  35. geneoh said:
    Awesome work, first dance shot is legit.
  36. brooke said:
    what a wonderful wedding! I love the way you captured the atmosphere and details.
  37. I love farm weddings and you've done a fantastic job. Marriage advice? Awesome!
  38. Nick said:
    Awesomeness!! So many amazing shots here.
  39. Kyle said:
    Nice! I love all the details and setting up shots. It's very cool to show what goes into the wedding and I feel like you've really captured the essence of the day!
  40. Such a cool and personal wedding! I felt as though I were there helping out!
  41. What a truly beautiful wedding, and awesome coverage (as always).
  42. alexbee said:
    so so so fantastic. great energy!
  43. Matt, amazing. You captured the day perfectly!
  44. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Love this so much. Where were you 51 years ago when we got married? Ohhh I know, just a twinkle waiting to sparkle. Drew me right in to the celebrations. Fantastic.
  45. It definitely captures the beauty of their wedding. I have to say it was one of the most relaxing, touching and fun weddings I have ever been to (or a part of)! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. I know James and Cath love these!
  46. Beautiful images. Matt, you've captured it all. Takes me right back.
  47. alyda said:
    good.....reallllly really good!
  48. Melody said:
    WOW! This would be very, very high on my list of favourite wedding images ever. I adore everything about them! Best wedding resent ever! Could I possibly swap a toaster or two?? LOL xxx
  49. Nicole said:
    Beautiful work! Loved the storybook layout of their day. :)
  50. John Edgar said:
    If all I had in the whole world was this set of images from my wedding.. I would be the happiest man alive. There isn't a single photograph I'd take out, not one.. start to end, each image is fantastic. Truly amazing, truly art. You've captured what I love about James. I'm blown away and moved by the work. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
  51. jemma said:
    How blessed your friends are to have you guys as their friends! ♥ Your work makes me droooool! Go Matt! And Katie, glad you enjoyed your day off getting hit on by the boys :)
  52. sonya chindamo said:
    OMG- i almost thought for a minute i was at the wedding,you captured it exactly how it was.this is one of my faves,i only wish i could convince some of my clients to let me shoot this way,as it happens,no high expectations to look like some award winners work they seen in a bridal mag....love it love it..p.s when can u come to melbourne and do a workshop,with every man and his 2nd shooter doing them ive decided yours is really the only one i want to do.. love ur work guys,u rock
  53. absolutely stunning.
  54. Dude, I didn't want these photos to stop, so very awesome!
  55. Emily said:
    You are right guys, this really tells a wonderful story! Looks like a magic wedding :)
  56. Fantastic guys! J&C you're both so lovely, these photos reflect that so well :)
  57. Fiona said:
    Absolutely beautiful Matt. It looks like a magical wedding:) PS I am on cuteness overload from the lammies!!! Wheee!
  58. [ b ] said:
    congrats to james & cath. nice job matt & katie!
  59. Annie said:
    Love these! :)
    • HHIS I slohud have thought of that!
  60. Amy said:
    Matt, As always this work is MAGIC!! I follow your blog closely and always look forward to the updates. This would have to be my favourite work EVER!!! Was I at this wedding?!?!? I feel like I was.......this brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Stunning! Cheers, Amy