Liz and Dave chose the small country town of Esk, and a meadow on Liz’s parent’s farm as the setting for their beautiful and chilled out wedding ceremony.

As you’ll see, a lot of effort was put in to personalise the day, including snow globes that they’d collected from around the world.

Afterwards we spent a very short time taking portraits around the farm before Liz and Dave rejoined their family and friends at Coronation Hall for the barn-style reception.

Everything about the day was perfect!

Here’s what Liz and Dave had to say about having us as their photographers:

“We couldnโ€™t have had better photographers. Matt and Katie are such wonderful people, they felt like part of the family. They asked us if we wanted to have a โ€˜first lookโ€™ before our wedding, so we got to chat and have a few photos before the ceremony. It was such a great idea. We loved being able to just see each other and just enjoy that the day was all about our love for each other.”

p.s. press play to start the music.