Liz and Dave chose the small country town of Esk, and a meadow on Liz’s parent’s farm as the setting for their beautiful and chilled out wedding ceremony.

As you’ll see, a lot of effort was put in to personalise the day, including snow globes that they’d collected from around the world.

Afterwards we spent a very short time taking portraits around the farm before Liz and Dave rejoined their family and friends at Coronation Hall for the barn-style reception.

Everything about the day was perfect!

Here’s what Liz and Dave had to say about having us as their photographers:

“We couldn’t have had better photographers. Matt and Katie are such wonderful people, they felt like part of the family. They asked us if we wanted to have a ‘first look’ before our wedding, so we got to chat and have a few photos before the ceremony. It was such a great idea. We loved being able to just see each other and just enjoy that the day was all about our love for each other.”

p.s. press play to start the music.

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  1. Chris said:
    Beautifully told story. Congrats guys, stunning wedding.
  2. Hayley said:
    Great photos! This wedding looked amazing :) Who sung the cover of 'All I want is you' on here? I love it and I'm trying to find it!
  3. So amazing :) gotta love barn weddings!
  4. Fantastic series. Looks like it was a fabulous day.
  5. [...] I love how simple her dress is but that bib on top? Stunning!! Found HERE. [...]
  6. melinda said:
    I absolutely love the details of this wedding. So beautiful. The whole day looked perfect. Can someone PLEASE tell me the artist of the first song???? I can only find the 'juno' version and I prefer this one.....
  7. Amazing as always guys! I adore the brides dress, so unique and utterly gorgeous.
  8. So many gorgeous details!!! Love them! That black and white shot of the wedding in sillouette is just stunning. Great work!
  9. coler said:
    That carpet in the field - damn, that's a fine rug! Unbelievable wedding - your work is always money.
  10. Bec said:
    amazing! Glad to see you guys back on the interwebs, I missed your posts! Gorgeous wedding, I SO love what the bride wore. A completely cool ceremony area also. Well done guys!
  11. Johanna said:
    You guys really know your stuff. Beautiful wedding, and your coverage is killer. Love it.
  12. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    A lovely country wedding captured in your usual wonderful way.
  13. Yvonne said:
    Katie and Matt, you guys are truly awesome. Your approach to capturing our daughter and son-in-law's wedding was just stunning. The most amazing thing was we didn't even notice you there but when we did you were just part of our family. You caught every special moment, every smile, all the laughter, all the love. Add to that you captured every special feature that Elizabeth and Dave created to make their day truly unique and memorable. I can only wish you incredible happiness because you have allowed us to relive an unbelievably happy day over and over again - we can't get enough!!! Best wishes for a very successful 2012 - we know it will be - keep up the amazing work.
  14. Wow, kick ass wedding. You really captured the day beautifully.
  15. Leah Muse said:
    Now that's a gorgeous day and couple! Beautiful.
  16. Wow... there's SO much I love about this wedding it's hard to single anything out! The locations, decor, moments... all are so beautiful and so amazingly captured. If I had to pick anything as a favourite I'd say their first look. There's just something so sweet and wonderful about it :)
  17. Just breathtaking. I can't even comment on anything particular... just a feeling the photos give me. The whole set is just stunning.
  18. ALMA said:
    You guys are toooo good! Awesome wedding for sure!
  19. Love that first look...and the portraits of them in front of that flowering bush is just sweet. Well done.
  20. Nora said:
    What an amazing wedding! and so many great moments captured...I truly felt like I was there.
  21. This is SUCH an incredible wedding. You shot it perfectly. Ah, seriously. Everything start to finish is wonderful. You've got a new fan!
  22. Roman said:
    Perfect wedding and insanely beautiful pictures ♥ ♥ ♥
  23. Teresa K said:
    What an amazing wedding!! Your coverage was PERFECT!! WOW
  24. This wedding is so real. There is so much atmosphere, so much feeling. Congratulations Liz and Dave!
  25. Sharlene said:
    Love love love this wedding, fantastic photos, but no surprise there.
  26. Kristina said:
    Oh man... you have done it again!! Bravo to you both..
  27. Charlie said:
    Congratulations on another great wedding and a wonderful 2011. have a great chrissy and even better New Year!
  28. Micaela said:
    Ahhhhmazing!! Loved the music too ;)
  29. Bat said:
    Great story, love all the details they add so much to the story. Love the captured moments.
  30. Tenielle said:
    Oh.My.Gorgeousness. You guys NAILED it. Can't believe how stunning this is, your documentation is perfection. LOVE!
  31. What an amazing wedding! And what beautiful pictures!!!
  32. kristy staatz said:
    this is beautiful! as always :)
  33. Annie said:
    Incredible. As always ;)
  34. Simon said:
    so cute! superstylin' <3