Music. Laughter. Happy people. The stomping of feet on the old hall’s floorboards. A fresh country breeze carrying all these sounds to where I was standing.

I’d stepped outside to get a long exposure shot of the old community hall in which Katie and Josh’s reception was being held. During that moment I was transported back in time. It was a feeling I’d been trying to put my finger on all night. Elusive. Like trying to remember the name of that actor doing a cameo in your favourite TV show.

Gotcha! That’s it! Tonight felt like the annual community dance.

Not just one from 20 years ago in the small country town I grew up in. But 40 or 50 years ago. Back when our parents were teenagers. Everyone in town coming together to celebrate and let loose. For one night, all the troubles of the world totally forgotten.

That’s what Katie and Josh’s wedding day felt like. And it was magical.

Katie’s dress was custom made by Melanie at Silver Sixpence. The broach on Katie’s dress was worn by her mum on her wedding day. Personalised buttons were made for all the guests. And the old Biddestone Hall outside Toowoomba was transformed. Despite all the obvious hard work that had been done, everything about the day felt effortless. It just all felt so … right.

Oh, it was also our 6th wedding anniversary. At the time, (my) Katie wasn’t too impressed that I was thinking of booking a wedding on our anniversary. After the wedding, we were driving home chatting and reflecting on the day. Katie said she wholeheartedly agreed with what I said to her at the time …

“I’ve got a very good feeling about this one.”


Music Credit: James Vincent McMorrow “Higher Love” and Matt Corby “My False” – Buy on iTunes here and here.

Katie (bride) kindly took this of us to commemorate our anniversary.

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  1. […] flower balls that were hanging at the ceremony and reception. Katie and Josh’s photographers Matt and Katie have put together the most amazing blog about the day with some lovely pictures including all of […]
  2. This is one killer wedding!
  3. [...] flower balls that were hanging at the ceremony and reception. Katie and Josh’s photographers Matt and Katie have put together the most amazing blog about the day with some lovely pictures including all of [...]
  4. Hana said:
    So gorgeous! Love your documentary philosophy! By chance are you able to tell us where this is? My partner and I are searching for venues :) thanks!
  5. Margaret McCormack said:
    Biddeston Hall looks fantastic. lovely happy couple
  6. Jakub said:
    Beautiful work guys, well done!
  7. Love the shots as always!
  8. mathias said:
    this seems like a straight up AWESOME wedding.
  9. I love the anniversary pics - very cute!
  10. Liz Woodham said:
    I love this wedding... and the way you have captured it. Congrats to Matt and Katie and to the bride and groom. VERY COOL PICS!
  11. Great expressions and wonderful capture of the day ;-)
  13. Derek said:
    Gorgeous work Matt & Katie! Love your eye for detail and the story you provided!
  14. Katie said:
    Thanks to you guys I am never going to forget how much fun we had on that day! So happy to share December 3 with you two!
  15. Beautiful simply wedding and amazing photos :) Good job! ...and this little green frog - love it!
  16. these are rockin.. love them all .. was that a real frog? and love the photos of you guys too.
  17. Nicci said:
    beautiful - as always :D x
  18. john benavente said:
    love this guys!
  19. What a beautiful story captured ;-)
  20. Tenielle said:
    I love EVERYTHING about this wedding and you've documented it SO beautifully. So much love, life and light in every single frame. HAPPY belated anniversary guys, you are too cute!
  21. Oh, man, so gorgeous I don't know where to start. Love the first look, love all the reactions of the guests, love all the confetti and smiles. Amazing! And congrats on your anniversary!
  22. Heather said:
    I adore how they clearly made love of family and friends the centerpiece of the day. Fabulous photojournalism here!!
  23. You two have super ninja like pj skills. Seriously, amazing moments captured and incredible sense of place.
  24. Perfectly captured!
  25. I love the shots in the car, especially one of the road ahead. Genius!
  26. I think this is about as perfect as storytelling gets. Absolute amazing work guys!
  27. The epitome of photojournalistic coverage. What a gorgeous couple!
  28. Razvan said:
    Wow, what an amazing wedding! Your unique photographic vision really shines through in this set. Beautiful and inspiring.
  29. Jakob said:
    Awesome coverage, guys. Not too shabby of a location either :)
  30. These are so gorgeous. Love how well you guys told the story of their day. These inspire me so much, thanks. :-)
  31. these are amazing...they look like they had such a great time! the storytelling you guys made is awesome!
  32. James said:
    Man i have enjoyed every one those frames in your blog, loving the frog on the girl finger. Cool shot!
  33. simply lovely in every way!!!
  34. Great photos! Love the use of colours!
  35. Annie said:
    Such sweetness! I love all the flowers :) And you guys are too cute!!!
  36. Sweet work guys!!
  37. Charlie said:
    wow wow wow my favourite yet ! awesome job guys, awesome storytelling!
  38. Kyle said:
    This couple's love shines through in every photo. What a wedding!
  39. Nick said:
    Stunning, guys! And what a beautiful place for a wedding!
  40. Kari said:
    That is one amazing wedding! The details are perfect! And the images are just spot on for the style of the wedding and the couple.... Great set