We’re super excited to finally – yep, we had to keep it under wraps for ages – announce that in April next year we are speaking at Canada Photo Convention 2014 in Vancouver. Crazy hey?!

Check out our announcement video that played last week at this year’s convention. Heads up though, it does feature stuffed animals, maple syrup and Matt in a wedding dress. Not all at the same time though, thank goodness!

At CPC2014 we will be teaching two separate sessions, “How to Run a Rockin’ Business, Live the Life You Want, and Make a Difference” and “How to Use Video to Stand Out and Be Memorable in a Saturated Market”. Click HERE to check out the full line-up of speakers. It’s going to be awesome!

Can’t make it to Canada next year? Don’t forget that we’re doing a workshop tour of Australia and New Zealand in July/August this year. Follow this LINK to see all the locations and info on the tour.

Lots of lovely people have signed up for the tour already and we can’t wait for July to roll around.

For now, enjoy our CPC2014 announcement video. We love the ending, it’s our favourite part!

~Matt and Katie~

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  1. Haha, love it guys! I'll do my best to get us to this one!
  2. caroline said:
    i cannot freaking wait :)
  3. Ken said:
    Oh Matthew you make lovely bride. Such a great video very funny.
  4. I'm totally going!! Nice touques btw ;)
  5. Nick said:
    Nice touch with the maple syrup guys ;)
  6. you guys crack me up !