Some people ask why we post so many photos from a wedding. Good question. Until we finish our website, this blog is our portfolio. For us, our portfolio is about so much more than showing the ‘greatest hits’ photos from a wedding.

Most photographers should be able to show 10 great photos from a wedding. But what about the story?

When you look through these photos from Courtney and Jason’s wedding we want to give you a real sense of the people involved and what it was like to be there on the day. Most of all, we want you to come away with a clear idea of the story and moments that we, as your wedding photographers, strive to capture.

Courtney and Jason are possibly the most relaxed couple we’ve worked with, and we hang out with a lot of relaxed couples. They’re our favourite kind. Courtney and Jason invited us to Sydney for their engagement shoot and to stay the night at Courtney’s parent’s horse farm. Naturally we were nervous. Meeting new people … staying overnight with their family. What if they’re weird? What if they think we’re weird?

From the moment we arrived all our fears were eased. Everyone was so kind and welcoming (and totally not weird) and right away we became friends rather than ‘The Photographers!’ The day of the wedding was no different. We love it when we get to be just Matt and Katie, not the big scary wedding photographers.

Everything about the day reminded us of how grateful we are to be wedding photographers. But, it’s the essence of a wedding that gets us the most excited. That is, a happy couple committing their lives to one another in the presence of close friends and family. Take away all the glamour and the details, and if you’re left with that, then you know it’s going to be a perfect day.

Courtney and Jason’s wedding is also featured in the current issue of Cosmo Bride.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Courtney and Jason’s wedding day.




Last minute speech writing.

Jason’s Mum flew from New Zealand to be a part of their special day.

Jason, the handsome groom.

Over at the girls, Courtney’s mother was super excited.

Top Left and Right: The tables were turned when Courtney’s cheeky flowergirl (and Jason’s niece) decided to take some photos of Matt!
Bottom Left: Matt then let her have a go with a “REAL” camera. Bottom Right: The end result.


Courtney looks so glamorous as the boys help her into her dress. The dress might have gotten the better of Courtney’s dad though!

Relaxed bride … check!


You couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.

Jason and guests start arriving at the beach.

The final touches are made.

Guests mingle as they wait for Courtney’s arrival.

A favourite shot from the day.




First kiss!


Moments during the signing of the register. Does anyone have a pen that works?

Introducing MR and MRS!



As all the guests were starting to leave the beach, Courtney and Jason’s eyes met from either end of the aisle. They had been hugging friends and family for about 15 minutes. Jason looked at Courtney with a big smile on his face and said “Hello wife”. Courtney beamed back at him and replied “Hello husband”. They walked towards each other and I was able to capture this beautiful and spontaneous moment.


A few relaxed portraits.


I just love how comfortable they are with each other.

Heading to the reception, just on dusk.

So many beautiful details at the reception courtesy of the fabulous Annette from Designer Weddings Byron Bay!


More gorgeous details.




Let the party begin!




There was so much laughter … like mother like daughter?

… and a few tears.

The Black Birds provided the music. Just brilliant.


A cute photo of Courtney in the photobooth during dinner. Love it!


Instead of a cake, Courtney and Jason had a ‘wine bottle ceremony’. The idea is that you write a love letter to each other, and enclose them in a case with a nice bottle of wine. For your 20th wedding anniversary you open the bottle, read the love notes and enjoy the wine. Alternatively, if you find that you are going through a rocky patch you can ‘break in case of emergency’ and hopefully reading the love notes will help you remember why you got married in the first place.

Courtney and Jason’s first dance.

The guests joined in …

… and they danced the night away.

Courtney and Jason were married in Byron Bay, on the beach. Their reception was held at the Byron Bay Surf Club. Annette from Designer Weddings Byron Bay did a fantastic job as wedding planner, looking after the flowers and decorating the ceremony and reception venues … and so much more. Photobooth supplied by The Photobooth People.

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