Kira and Willy hired the ‘Barefoot Villa’ at Pavilions, Broken Head as the location of their wedding. The beautiful beachfront property was the perfect relaxed setting for an intimate wedding, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Willy and his mates got up early for a morning surf. And yes, we were a little worried that we wouldn’t get them out of the water in time for the ceremony, but they came to shore with plenty of time to spare. The waves were a bit of a distraction before the ceremony, but all eyes were on Kira as soon as she walked onto the beach.

The ceremony was decorated by Byron Bay Designer Weddings and even though it was an overcast day and the clouds threatened to bucket down rain, not a drop fell during the ceremony. In fact, just as they were saying their vows, the sun momentarily peaked through to say hello before hiding away again.

The gourmet BBQ reception was delicious, and the speeches were fantastic! Kira’s Dad’s speech had everyone in stitches, possibly one of the greatest speeches we’ve heard to date!

I’d confidently say that Kira and Willy’s wedding day was close to perfect, and we were lucky enough to be able to capture it for them.


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  1. Beautiful wedding photography in a great location.
  2. Paula said:
    Just love your wedding and just love your dress, could you tell me where you purchased it from?
  3. Kira said:
    Catering was Eat Drink Catering, they were absolutely wonderful, so many comments on the food!
  4. Laura said:
    Loving this wedding! You guys did an amazing job at photographing this beautiful wedding. Looks soo relaxed and what a beautiful day! I also have to ask who catered their wedding? looks amazing.. giving me ideas too :)
  5. Tanya said:
    any chance of finding out who did the catering? Looks amazing! Sorry a bit obsessed with this wedding, giving me inspiration for ours!
  6. Tanya said:
    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love everything they did!
  7. Stunning shots of the bride. And Groom. In fact, all of it!
  8. is it ok if I am crazy jealous... these are all amazing.
  9. Kelly Ann said:
    My goodness! That's the most perfect beachy wedding dress!!! Great shots AS ALWAYS!!!
  10. jody said:
    wow I so adre each and every photo - I have just found you through Sam @ Net Productions and I love your style xxxxx Jody
  11. Your photos are wonderful. Great job with the details. I love the photos of the bride and groom on the beach. Great Job
  12. Oh wow, just amazing!!
  13. Mark said:
    Thats one of the coolest weddings I've seen! Absolutely gorgeous and superbly captured! Nice!
  14. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Captured it all beautifully especially love the photo with 'Be Happy, Be Loving, Be True.' It says a lot about what a marriage is all about. Well done.
  15. Bec said:
    Lovely! I love how laid back the couple are, she looks amazing in that dress. what a cool wedding!
  16. AMAZING wedding! And that dress is unbelievable!
  17. Annie said:
    I love this wedding :)
  18. wow.. what a gorgeous wedding.. you guys always do such an amazing job
  19. Gorgeous guys. How amazing is her! Love the streakers too :)
  20. dustin said:
    Honestly guys, one of the best I have ever seen.
  21. Absolutely STUNNING!! Incredible work, as always. ;)
  22. Stunning in every way, truly!
  23. Cass said:
    My favourite post so far!
  24. this looks like the most perfect wedding ever.
  25. oh i do adore a relaxed wedding! stunning images, personal and just beautiful!! x
  26. Steve said:
    Freakin gorgeous... f'real!
  27. michelle said:
    what a beautiful day. and just quietly that food looks amazing.
  28. Rachael said:
    Lovely! :)
  29. Just beautiful.:)
  30. Stacey said:
    lovely wedding! i'm a huge fan of the aerial shots of the food. i always see shots like this in your weddings - taken from a higher viewpoint and wonder how you get so high to capture it so perfectly. i guess its hard when you're so short like me :P i can't wait to see more blog posts! <3