This is a collection of images that really sum up our approach to shooting weddings.

Your wedding day should be just that. A wedding. Not a photo-shoot at which you just happen to get married.

The couples who choose us want their photos to be a honest and authentic re-telling of the story of their wedding day.

Our documentary approach allows you to spend as much time with your family and friends as possible because those are the unrepeatable moments of your wedding. And it’s those moments that we’re there to photograph. This means that we won’t drag you around for hours of portraits.

~ press play to enjoy some music along with the images.

Music Credit: Passenger “Month of Sundays” and “The One You Love” – Buy on iTunes

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  1. Naomi said:
    You have captured each day and each moment perfectly. I loved every single photo!
  2. I really like to photo of the little boy playing table tennis, he looks so serious. Really terrific images.
  3. You guys rock!
  4. Beautiful series of photos. What a wonderful year you've had.
  5. Amazing:) You capture a lot of great moments:)
  6. Rebecca said:
    amazing. I loved your pick of faves, and how they weren't the traditional 'faves'. Your PJ work is stunning, and the way you draw on emotion is definitely one of your strengths, and hands down the reason I'd hire you! Beautiful post.
  7. Johanna said:
    You've had one amazing year, no wonder it's been so hard to let go of it! But all the memories you (and of course your clients) have of 2011 are outstandingly beautiful. Those you'll have forever :)
  8. Oh just outstanding work!
  9. I'm in love with all these moments you captured. Seriously, stunning work.
  10. nadine said:
    gorgeous. here's to a wonderful 2012 to the both of you!
  11. Daniel H. said:
    All these are certainly worthy of the "best of" title. All amazing and so well done!
  12. If that was our last full year on the planet, then you did it right. Show those Mayans what-for.
  13. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G...Like being on a rollercoster. Just breathtaking...Hope your 2012 will be even better...
  14. I can see why you didn't want to let go of 2011, you crushed it. But that can only mean that 2012 is going to be better. Can't wait to see what you produce. Cheers
  15. Nessa K said:
    This is such... an amazing post. Your 2011 is amazing. I hate the overuse of the word "epic" but it feels really appropriate here. What an epic year. :)
  16. really really love your style! congrats and I hope 2012 is even more epic.
  17. Damn, you guys rock at moments! Real emotional stuff. Awesome! I hope 2012 is even better for you!
  18. Annie said:
    PS: My comment was supposed to say I "simply love" everything you do... :)
  19. Fantastic year indeed! A great collection of images, full of moments that are so real. Matt and Katie, you are awesome! All the best for 2012!
  20. nancy said:
    how can you bring me to tears each and every time i read your blog.. you guys ROCK. xoxox
  21. Kimmy Findlay said:
    Love it all. So much!
  22. UH-MAY-ZING! You guys are my heros ;)
  23. Stunning over and over again. Well done!
  24. Annie said:
    I want you guys to shoot my wedding, no doubt about it. And I want to come visit again sometime this year! :) You are incredible, I simple live everything you do.
  25. Damn, you guys are good! I love that your faves are all purely unscripted, candid captures. Fantastical.
  26. Teresa K said:
    What a year for you guys!! I was taken away with each and every photograph. So inspirational!! 2012 is going to be off the chain cRaZy!!!
  27. Kim Selby said:
    Oh be still my beating heart. These are absolutely incredible guys. What a year you have had - so many amazing memories you have created for very lucky couples. You both should be very proud - you are awesome! x
  28. Jen Smith said:
    It's not enough that you two are adorable, but then you have to go and photograph such stellar parties full of gorgeous, happy peeps. All the more awesome because the moments are so real. Love your perspective!
  29. Elizabeth said:
    This warms my heart. The song is perfect. Love it all!
  30. You're like me!! A Black and White lover!
  31. jami said:
    Brilliant and absolutely perfect!!