One of Katie’s lifelong dreams has been to experience snow falling from the sky.

Today, in Telluride, Colorado that dream came true. In a pretty awesome way.

Possibly the best day ever.

A huge thanks to Jami Davis and Dana Ohlsen for capturing this special day, and for making it happen in the first place. Thanks to Jami’s husband Ryan too!

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  1. Oh Katie you are too adorable for words. I love this video so much :)
  2. mike said:
    Super cute! We didn't get much snow this year here, and it's lovely to see some : D
  3. Oh no. The first one did work. Moderation. Figured I would throw in a third one for good luck then!
  4. I think my first comment didn't work. Oops. Such a gorgeous video, I had a stupid grin on my face as I watched it. You guys are so cute. I have the same dream yet to be realised. Thank you for requesting to follow me on T so that I could discover you guys!
  5. Wow. You guys are adorable. This is a dream of mine too. It has been captured so beautifully here. Thank you for requesting to follow me on T so that I could discover you too!
  6. i want to be there so bad.
  7. Lily-Fern said:
    This is the best! Katie and Matt you guys are just inspirational!
  8. you guys are so awesome.. I love your passion for life.. it just shines from every bit of your beings.. and by the way.. You make snow look fun and pretty too.. I live in an area that gets quite a bit of snow.. and I cant stand it, but you actually made it look wonderful and fun
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  10. Beautiful photos as always.
  11. vanessa said:
    you two are the cutest...that video captures the magic of the day. incredible. so glad that you fulfilled a dream here in colorado! we absolutely loved having you here. hope to see you at wppi!
  12. too cute guys.
  13. Spencer said:
    I LOVE THIS!!!
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  15. Matt and Katie, so fun meeting you guys. Glad you got to see Telluride in the snow- there's nothing like it! Love the video- pure joy!
  16. Yay! Katie! That's awesome! :) Got to love the simple things.
  17. Bec said:
    this is great! I haven't seen snow yet either, so I can totally relate to Katie's excitement! Looks like fun!
  18. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Glad u r having such a great time in the snow. Walked through hip high snow to school during winter when I was young. Yeeeeeh. Drive carefully.
  19. Anya said:
    Love it and so happy your dream came to life in such an amazing place :) x
  20. Dianna said:
    Oh how we take our beauty in Colorado for granted. I am so thankful that your dream came true Katie. Being in the snow is one thing but licking snow off of your camera is another!! You two are a beautiful couple and a well working team. Thanks for coming to Colorado. :0)
  21. cat said:
    Katie! So glad your wish came true!! It was so incredibly awesome to meet you and Matt... I think you both are incredible people, and I loved spending time with you this weekend. xoxo cheers!
  22. Mercedes said:
    Hee! <3! You guys are so cute!
  23. you're so cute!!!!!
  24. gawww :) Welcome to the States!
  25. Love it.. Katie your so cute (as always ;P) your smile & giggle made me smile xx
  26. caroline said:
    you two are just a whole 'nother level of adorable. when it snows, it's my favorite thing in the world, so i love katie that much for for sharing that love.
  27. Lauren said:
    So cute! what an amazing day indeed.
  28. Kymbo said:
    Love Love Love the video! I watched it with the biggest grin on my face.
  29. Nicci said:
    gorgeous :) that's so sweet! thanks for sharing such lovely footage :) xx
  30. Annie said:
    Ah! I remember that being my dream - which was also fulfilled in Colorado! Dream sisters!!! ;) Hope all your dreams come true! (And that your cameras survive all the snow! Are they protected somehow?)
  31. That's so cute! Feeling snow for the first time is certainly amazing, and you got some great video footage/photos to cherish it. :)
  32. janine said:
    you guys are so cute together. thanks for sharing your best ever snow day :D
  33. Lachy said:
    Best Day EVER!
  34. You two are too adorable! love the snow snuggle shot. x
  35. Cathy said:
    Wow Katie I'm so jealous....can you bring some home. :-)