Katie and I have been talking to each other a lot about stories lately. Late night conversations about how a wedding day is a story within the larger story of our lives. And within the story of a wedding day there are lots of little stories.

Some of these wedding day stories involve more obvious dramatic moments while others are subtle moments that you could pass by if there wasn’t an explanation to accompany the photo.

Today we’re introducing what will become a long-term series on our blog, A Story Within The Story. We won’t talk about camera settings, or lenses or f-stops but we’ll just simply tell the story behind an image, or series of images. We’re still figuring out the schedule but we like the idea of this being a weekly or fortnightly feature.

A Story Within The Story #1 – Gillian and her Dad.

Gillian had finished putting on her dress and getting ready. Her Dad (Mike) was in another part of the house doing whatever nervous fathers do as they wait to accompany their daughter to get married.

Mike came around the corner as Gillian was about to go outside to leave for the chapel. As soon as he saw her, he RAN over to Gillian and embraced her as only a father can.

As well as the hug, the reaction from Gillian’s Mum is priceless.


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  1. This is great love this series, great job at coming up with this idea. I love it so much I might borrow it for my blog. Hope you don't mind. :)
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  3. Sharon Hughes said:
    Awww, that is so beautiful. The story and the photos.
  4. juanita said:
    what a lovely idea... love the pics and love the story within a story.
  5. Gorgeous shot, well done! The Mum in the background simply makes it for me!
  6. Glynis Hood said:
    I was the witness! you captured the whole story. Thank you
  7. Lisa Jay said:
    I'm all for stories within stories... don't get me started on that topic! Love it. As for these two images. The first one had me wondering what was happening. The second one made me cry.
  8. Jen Lang said:
    Absolutely love it! You guys are unbelievably amazing at capturing what it's really all about. Such an inspiration! I WILL meet the both of you one day!! :)
  9. Danni said:
    I'm not the kind of person to do this, but I seriously go teary when I saw these two images. So powerful.
  10. Beck said:
    What a great shot! This bride will treasure this image for a lifetime.
  11. Emily said:
    Wow, what a fantastic story within a story! Only two images but it made me teary! Very powerful - great work guys!! xo
  12. Katie said:
    Such a fantastic idea! So often I have looked through the images in your blog on wondered about their hidden stories - and probably made up some of my own.
  13. Gillian said:
    Thank you so much for taking such amazing photos of our terrific day! Love them and could not have asked for better 'flys on the walls' :)
  14. Gillian said:
    YAY! That's us!
  15. Micaela said:
    Sooo precious!
  16. This is such an awesome concept. It has so much meaning.
  17. Love this new feature, can't wait to hear more :-D