We are very excited to announce our first ‘Spend A Day With Matt And Katie’ for budding Wedding Photographers!

The day will be held in our home town of Toowoomba and the number of spots available will be limited (definitely less than 10, and probably less than 8!)

At this stage we are looking for expressions of interest. Please send us an email if you’d like to know more! info (at)

A huge thanks to Erin from Vera and Rose for styling our invitation ‘mini-shoot’! And to Lydia Cole for making such beautiful music!

~Matt and Katie.

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  1. Love your Video and LOVE your overall style. Such a huge fan. As budding filmographers, my husband and I look up to you so much. Wish we lived closer to you guys, but CA, USA is a bit far. Let us know if you're ever in the states!
  2. Chloe Ripoll said:
    Hi Matt and Katie I love the original quirky style of both your photography/videography. Looking at your work always brings a smile to my face. I am young - 17 - but extremely keen to learn all i can about photography. It would be awesome to "SPEND A DAY" with you two! Thanks :)
  3. Brenda said:
    Super video!!! (any chance you will be doing something similar for portrait photography down the track?)
  4. Jen Hill said:
    That video was Awesome!! Made me feel smiley and calm. Wish I could attend something like this, but I live way too far away.
  5. Jessica Magee said:
    That was THE CUTEST video ever!! I wish you didn't live all the way on the other side of the world (literally!) If I ever make it down under I'll for sure give ya'll a call!
  6. Michelle said:
    Adorable! I wish I could attend, but I'm sooooo far! Good luck!! <3
  7. Katelyn said:
    *sigh* If only schoolwork didn't beckon here in North Queensland. I want to drop everything and run back to Toowoomba at full speed. :(
  8. I'm very jealous of everyone who lives close to you guys! Canada is just a little too far away for me at the moment. Good luck with everything, and I'm looking forward to some recaps in the future!
  9. Awww that was beautiful and wish I lived closer to where you two are so I could go too!
  10. Sanna Ek said:
    Such an amazing little teaser!
  11. Teilia said:
    I am very interested in seeing what you guys do!! Love looking at your work!
  12. Elizabeth said:
    I am more than interested. Would it be a Saturday? Cos that's my working day and I'm pretty booked up...And what would the cost be like? How exciting!! =D
    • Johanne Rose -
      I'd like to know a ball park figure on cost also... haven't made it to the big time yet:)
  13. Annie said:
    Katie did you make the cupcakes? Will you make cupcakes on the day?? :D
    • Matt and Katie -
      Hey Annie. Yes! I'll make some cupcakes ;) ~Katie.
    • Yay!
  14. Mayra said:
    So so so pretty! I just went to the simply bloom workshop last month and, since you two are my second favorite out there...i would so go if you lived in the states :) i'm sure it'll be great!