Almost 8 years ago we said goodbye to our day jobs to pursue this crazy photography adventure. There’s no way either of us could have imagined the things we’d do in that time, the places we’d visit, and the fun we’d have along the way.

As passionate as we are about photography, we’re equally passionate about providing others with the tools they need to make their hopes and dreams a reality.

Since we started doing workshops in 2012, over 200 photographers (222 to be exact) have attended our workshops in either Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand.

In January and February next year, we’re hitting the road again for a 6-stop workshop tour of Australia!

Teaching and holding workshops isn’t something we take lightly. Not at all. It’s why we waited so long to start doing workshops. With nearly 8 years full-time now, we’ve actually experienced the ups and downs of running a photography business.

We’ve got the experience and the knowledge you need, but more importantly we have the wisdom to apply it to YOUR unique situation and circumstances. We also have a lot of fun over the 3 days! 🙂

Our mission is to empower you to run a successful photography business that gives you the time and money to live the life you want.

If you’re saying any of the following, there’s a good chance our workshop is exactly what you need:

– Why aren’t I getting more enquiries?
– I’m getting enquiries, but why aren’t I booking them?
– I know what I want, but how do I make it happen?
– I love photography but I need help with the business side.
– I’m spending more time in front of a computer than with my family.
– My business is controlling my life instead of it serving my life.
– I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start.
– I wish I could attract the type of clients that I’d really love to photograph.
– I’d really like to learn to interact better with clients on photo-shoots.
– I struggle with confidence on shoots and at weddings.
– Surely it’s not meant to be this hard!
– I know where I want to be … but how do I get there?
– My business is doing ok, but I want to take it to the next level.
– I seriously need a motivation and inspiration boost!

On this tour we’ll visit Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Scroll down to read a few testimonials. Or click through to check out all the workshop information plus even more testimonials from past attendees.

~Matt and Katie~

*** UPDATE – Sunshine Coast is now sold out! 3 spots left for Melbourne. ***

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