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Teaching and helping our fellow photographers is an honour that we don’t take lightly.

These days, with so many photographers offering workshops we totally understand that it’s a difficult and overwhelming choice.

How do I know who to trust? Are these guys the real deal? Are they good teachers? Will I actually get what I need from this workshop?

We’ve helped hundreds of photographers at our workshops, and thousands more at conferences like WPPI in Las Vegas, the Nikon AIPP Event and AIPP Hair of the Dog. This year we’re speaking at WPPI again and also Canada Photo Convention.

We wish our bank accepted home loan payments in the form of hugs and warm fuzzies, but sadly they don’t 🙂 Everything we’ve achieved over the last 8 years of being full-time is grounded in business and marketing knowledge that is practical and repeatable.

Not only does our business help us to pay the bills and live a great life, it also puts us in the position to use our photography to help non-profits in Cambodia and Nepal.

As well as the success of our own business, and the life we get to live because of it … we’re super proud of the testimonials and feedback we receive from our attendees.

“It was the best money I have spent on my career in over 20 years.” ~ Kerin (read more about Kerin’s experience HERE.

“I have to say Matt & Katie’s workshop has given me more clear, practical, and easily applicable business advice than probably any other I have attended.” ~ Rebecca

“I don’t think it matters at what point you’re at with your business, Matt & Katie’s workshop will set you up for success.” ~ Josh

“Matt & Katie’s workshop helped me build a road map with specific directions to where I want to take my photography business and what I need to do to attract the clients that are right for me. They put their heart and soul into helping others and everything they taught was invaluable.” ~ Crystal

“Matt and Katie are genuinely interested in helping you flourish in business and in life, giving big picture inspiration as well as nitty gritty detailed advice.” ~ Anna

“The 3 days I spent at Matt & Katie’s workshop has undoubtedly changed my life. I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do with my business to having a clear, concise plan of action that I know if I follow will lead me to having a successful and thriving business.” ~ Kirsty

“Matt and Katie’s workshop blew me away. What they taught me was real world, actionable and authentic. Everything I need to run an awesome business, do meaningful work and have an amazing life is right in the content they thoughtfully put together and presented. This is so much more than a photography workshop.” ~ Kath

“If you were thinking about going to a workshop to help your business, go to this one. Just do it.” ~ Alicia

What a brilliant workshop, the best money I have ever spent on improving my photography business. Matt is a fantastic teacher, he has so much knowledge and he’s more than happy to share it, in detail and in an easy to understand way. Katie’s story was so inspirational, emotional and very important, it got me fired up to help others with my photography, an idea that I have never dreamed possible. If you’re considering doing one of Matt and Katie’s workshops I would say go for it, you will not regret it. ~ Fiona

“Going to the Matt and Katie workshop is most definitely one of the best investments that we have ever made into our business.” ~ Kye and Emma

“This workshop given me a kind of motivation that I’ve never experienced or felt before even at the age of 41. You’ve made the jigsaw puzzle that is running and growing your own business make sense and for a newbie like me, that information is invaluable.” ~ Mark

“I’ve done a lot of courses and although I’ve walked away inspired from each of them, but I have to say this one actually changed me.” ~ Nada

“The concepts and solid foundations that Matt and Katie teach are applicable to anyone.
Just do it. I don’t say that lightly, it’s easily the best investment
you’ll make in your business.”
~ Kate

If you’re thinking, even considering going, if the thought has only touched your mind for just the briefest moment; stop thinking and just do it. Matt has an amazing gift in teaching, and both Matt & Katie have an incredible generosity with their knowledge. What they have learned and what they know, what they will share with you will change your business for the better. ~ Sophie

I’ve never attended a workshop that was so informative and truly gives you a set of tools to apply to your own business in such a structured way. ~ Mandy

“From start to finish this workshop was amazing. DO IT!!! If you’ve sat on the fence, or you think its too much money, or you’re just not sure it’s worth it, I can tell you first hand YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I feel inspired, I feel rejuvenated and I want to take on the world. From one teacher to another, you’re the bomb Matt! I know it sounds like a total cliche but you really are a natural. You were able to take a group of students from varied backgrounds, ability levels and knowledge levels and teach EVERYONE something new. Not a single person left that room uninspired and that is something to be super proud of. Please keep doing what you’re doing!” ~ Jasmin

“I’ve done lots of workshops. None have ever been so open and honest as Matt and Katie, and that really blew me away. Nothing was off limits, you shared so much with us and I really appreciate that! Best workshop I’ve ever done!” ~ Dani