Yesterday I was talking to some friends about anniversaries and birthdays, and the importance of creating memories as a couple rather than buying each other ‘things’.

Our next big adventure is to WPPI 2010 in Las Vegas. If you’re a photographer going to WPPI, drop us a line before-hand … we’d love to meet you!

After WPPI we’ll try to check out the Grand Canyon and I hope New York, and then head to Nashville to visit some of our best friends. We will be away for most of March, from the 1st until the 24th. This will be my 4th trip to US and it will be Katie’s 1st! Yay! It’s going to be great fun showing Katie around!

When Katie and I are old and all our meager worldly possessions are in our little nursing home room, it’s not going to be the latest camera or ‘iPad 3000’ we pick up to entertain ourselves. It will be our box full of memories that we reach into say,

“Remember our 1st wedding anniversary when we treated ourselves to a room at the Marriott and went to see Cirque du Soleil.”
“Remember our 2nd wedding anniversary when we climbed the Story Bridge together in Brisbane.”
“Remember our 3rd wedding anniversary when stayed at that dodgy place on the Sunshine Coast we booked over the internet.”
“Remember that crazy time in New Zealand, we went bungy jumping, jet boating, riding in a helicopter and sky-diving … all in one day!”
“Remember our 4th anniversary when we flew to Sydney, stayed somewhere nice and had dinner at Wildfires overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

“Hey Katie, remember your 25th birthday in Vegas and the awesome time we had checking out the Grand Canyon, New York and hanging with the Smallbone family?”

It is my hope that throughout our lives Katie and I will collect dozens (hundreds?) more of these memories. We will add them to the seemingly insignificant ‘funny-only-to-the-two-of-us’ memories and we’ll be able to look back and say, “Wow! We really did live didn’t we?”




Vegas here we come baby!

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  1. Cristy said:
    Hey, Matt and Katie! Thank you for sharing your 'world'! I'm a photography enthusiast and your work inspires me. All the best to you both!
  2. Sarah Lajevardi said:
    I too just found your blog via Jasmine Star and now I have yet another shiny thing to distract me from getting work done. I refer to photographer blogs as "shiny" things. Love, love your work and hope to meet you at WPPI!!
  3. Malea E said:
    wow... all I can say is wow! just found your blog via Jasmine Starr's, and love love it!!! Very inspirational!
  4. LOVE the new blog. LOVE the new branding. You guys are so awesome. I've been following you guys for quite a long time now since I saw the video you did for Shootsac. Oh if only I had an awesome duo like you guys at my wedding. {{sigh}} Alright, enough gushing. I am SO excited you guys will be at WPPI also. Just two more people I might get to meet that I have "known" through the web for so long. :D
  5. I will be there!!! Hopefully we can meet. Yay for Las Vegas....I can't wait :)
  6. I found your blog and LOVE your style. I adore this post because I completely agree! I'd rather have memories than "things" any day. When you look back on your life one day, you won't be happy you got that new ipod, you'll smile because you took your kids to Disneyland. Or went camping. Anyway :), I'm actually in Las Vegas! I was born and raised here, so it will be cool to have you come to my home town! :)
  7. Hey, I'm not sure if you know but I'm going to be in Vegas in 9 DAYS TIME! Whoo hoo!!! Oh that's right, you do know, you took my room ;) he he he. Can't wait to paint the town red :)
  8. Hands down, you two are THE cutest people EVER! =D Have fun in Vegas! WPPI is definitely a plan in the near future ;)
  9. Annie said:
    Hey guys, wish I was going to WPPI. I miss the Excalibur Hotel! By the way, Indoor Skydiving is at 200 Convention Center Drive, about 5 minutes drive from MGM Grand. Also, if you can, please live my dream for me, and go to 821 Las vegas Boulevard, or www.neonmuseum.org! All the old neon signs from the strip have to go somewhere - The Boneyard! I've seen insane engagement photos done there. Have fun!! :)
  10. Ngoc said:
    Awwww.....You guuuuuys! Life *IS* all about living and being able to spend all those moments with your loved ones. I can't agree more! You're going to have so much fun in March! So bummed we won't get to meet. :(
  11. if i did not know you two, i would not believe how beautifully you are evolving. Please keep reminding us all - DON't STOP BELIEVING!
  12. aw :) yay for Vegas & soo jealous about the whole trip really :) ... and totally get the memory thing, husband & I are coming up to our 1st anniversary next month eeek!
  13. Lyndal said:
    awww, you 2 are so cute, it makes me go 'dawww' out aloud!