We’ve been back from our America trip for a few weeks now, and we are about to head off overseas again today. This time to Thailand!

However, we haven’t forgotten about our promise to post some photos from our big America trip!

For me, one of the biggest highlights of our trip was our road trip to the Grand Canyon. Matt and I hired a little car and drove from Las Vegas. It was amazing to watch the landscape change quite quickly from dry dusty desert, to snow drifts and pine trees!

We left Las Vegas around 10am and we drove and drove and drove. Finally we arrived at the South Rim just as the sun was setting. We jumped out of the car into the freezing cold air, and ran (literally) to the edge of the Mather Point lookout. It was so incredible!

Of course I had seen photos of the Grand Canyon and watched documentaries like ‘Planet Earth’, but nothing could or ever will capture the enormity and grandeur of the Grand Canyon. As we stood on the edge snapping away, it was impossible to capture with our cameras what we could see with our eyes.

As soon as the sun had gone to down we decided to head to our hotel to check in and find some food for dinner. We found this crazy little steak house diner, it was just like out of the movies! Eating there was a great experience, however the food was pretty gross. I never knew you could deep fry so many things!

We went to bed early feeling sick with a big ball of grease in our tummies, but totally excited to catch the sun rising over the canyon in the morning.

When our alarms went off we jumped straight out of bed and quickly dressed in as many layers of clothing as possible. We made our way out to the car, which was covered in ice crystals, jumped in and cranked the heater.

I can’t remember ever feeling as cold as I did when we hopped out of the car. My ears were frozen, my hand were frozen, but I was loving my 2nd hand boots I had bought from American Vintage in LA!

As the pre-sunrise glow became stronger we waiting in awe for the sun to peek over the horizon. And boy, we sure weren’t disappointed.

Amazing. Breathtaking. Spectacular. None of these words could ever do the feeling justice. It was unreal!

Again, we snapped away like mad tourists, trying to capture the awesomeness.

Hope you enjoy the photos. And I’d recommend trying to make it to the Grand Canyon at least once in your lifetime!


One of my favourite photos! Taken at sunset on the first day.


Ok. We have deep fried potato chips, deep fried zucchini, deep fried mushrooms, deep fried onion rings … yes, that is an onion ring – not a donut! And this was all before our main meals came out!

The morning sky as we left our hotel.

An ice crystal on the car window.

The breathtaking sunrise.


Once the sun came up, the shadows helped give more depth and perspective.

Taking a photo for some other tourists. Yes, I offered. I couldn’t help myself!

Matt laughed at me, and you probably will too… but we don’t see much snow here in Queensland!

After visiting the Grand Canyon South Rim we drove to the Grand Canyon West.
I’d say the Grand Canyon South Rim was better. I’ve wanted to do the glass bottomed ‘Skywalk’ over the grand canyon ever since I heard about it. But because we are not scared of heights, it wasn’t as amazing as we thought it would be. It was ok, but it wasn’t unreal. If you were scared of heights, then it’d be very cool.



I love this shot, so much detail!

And to finish – a happy snap of me and Matty!

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  1. wow.. gorgeous images.. hope you enjoyed your visit to the US
  2. Emmalee said:
    Too much awesomness to even comment on!!!
  3. jodie-lee said:
    Wow!! You do such great work. Love it all.
  4. Kristie said:
    Oh my GAAAWSH! its just so pretty! Beautiful capturing. :)
  5. Jessica said:
    I live in the U.S. on the East Coast...I have been admiring you both for about a year now. I have to laugh at your donut onion ring...that is why us Americans are so overweight!!
  6. Anja said:
    Wow, those pictures are amazing. How in the world am I supposed to afford going there though? After seeing your pictures I do feel the need to see it with my own eyes now! Love the shot of you together. so cute! :-)
  7. charlie said:
    looks like you guys had a great time!nice piccies too!
  8. Leanne said:
    Amazing!!! I SO want to go! :D
  9. Apple said:
    I love your photos!!!:) now i can't wait to go there myself! thanks for sharing you two!<3
  10. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Wonderful pictures of this truly amazing place. Brought back many memories from when I saw the canyon some years ago. It is a truly awesome sight.
  11. Mayra said:
    AWESOME images. I have been living in Arizona for 21 years and have not yet made it out there! that's just ridiculous! Hopefully this year because I've wanted to see it for well..21 years! Thanks for sharing! :)
  12. Jessica Magee said:
    Congrats on getting an awesome picture of the two of you without a tripod! SLR's are beasts to try and hold away from your faces! Well done! : ) I love the picture of you (Katie) taking the picture of the tourists!!
  13. oh c'mon that CAN'T possibily be an onion ring! is a donut! lol breathtaking images guys. Definitely in our list of places to go ;)
  14. Micaela said:
    My hubby & I are heading there in August! Looking at these photos has made me soooo excited! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Annie said:
    I cried looking at these! I miss it so much - and you've captured it PERFECTLY! Thank you! :)
  16. Rebecca said:
    holy crap. they are cool. Loving the stories that go along with the posts, and the sunrise photo = epic. Can't wait to see what images you get in Thailand (i just got back, you will love it!)
  17. Stunning pictures. It brings back memories when I proposed to my fiance there. We have stood in nearly every exact spot you did. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.
    • Matt and Katie -
      Marcel! That is so awesome!
  18. Kel said:
    Amaaaazing! Makes me want to go!! Love it! :)
  19. seriously guys! BREATHTAKING!!!
  20. Laura said:
    you two are so talented, i hope that i can take photos as brilliant as you guys one day