I had to laugh this morning. I woke up, got out of bed and then walked into our living/kitchen area.

Rubbing my eyes as I looked around, the house was a complete mess! It looked we had been hit by a bomb. I’m sure that if a burglar broke into our house they’d take one look, assume we’d already been robbed and then move on to the next house.

Cups and plates everywhere! Pieces of paper scrawled with notes scattered across from one end of the house to the other. Shoes on the floor, boxes and books on the couch… and I swear we used to have a kitchen bench underneath there somewhere?

I’m not by any means claiming that I’m a good house keeper, but it’s not often the house get THIS messy!?

This is a good thing though! You see, Matt and I have been on a creative streak!

You know, a creative streak…. where you are so excited about your ideas that you put your head down and you work work work!

You are so focused you don’t see anything but what you are working on. You get up at the break of dawn to get stuck into things straight away. You forget to eat, then you work until the early hours of the morning until you can’t keep your eyes open any longer.

Yep. That sort of creative streak.

Matt and I are working hard on some very cool ideas and projects at the moment. We are sooooo excited and we can’t wait to share them with you!

The first one we’ll be sharing is a new educational product for photographers. Stay tuned. It’s great and it’s nearly ready for launch.

We’ve also shot so many super-awesome weddings. We can’t wait to get back into sharing them with you!

Matt is in Brisbane today. While he is away I’m going to take half a day off to tidy the house up a bit.

I just wanted to check in and let you know that we have some exciting things in the works!

Here are some photos of our kitchen on a good day (I love our kitchen), but it doesn’t look like this currently!


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  1. how fun to work with your husband creatively like that! i think husband/wife team photographers are so neat. just discovered your blog and your pricing guide. i'm a fan!
  2. I don't think your cabinets are properly sized for commemorative Las Vegas plasticware.
  3. Danica said:
    It's SO CLEAN! haha
  4. Love those creative streaks! Can't wait to see what you have dreamed up. Beautiful kitchen too BTW.
  5. lovely kitchen katie, looks like matt will be pleased with the cooking on his return too!
  6. Anastasia said:
    I love your cat! Perfectly matching your kitchen's colour scheme :) xxx
  7. Jade said:
    I saw your kitchen pics come up on Pinterest the other day. A user had categorised your photo into her "dream home" boards! How cool!
  8. Wanja said:
    I'd instantly buy it... very very beautiful! Where can I get it??? ;-)
  9. cathy said:
    WOW!!! you are not only truly amazing photographers but exquisite interior designers as well...Beautiful kitchen....
  10. LOVE your kitchen!! (on a random side note... I saw y'all, briefly, for a moment at WPPI. everything in me wanted to chase after you and hug you really hard, because I really do love y'all that much, even though we've never met. but I couldn't get to you fast enough. drat. next time, though, prepare for a good squeeze).
  11. Nicci said:
    I love your kitchen!!! It's just gorgeous!
  12. Rebecca R said:
    Excited to see the end product :)
  13. Josette said:
    You seam to have designed your kitchen with your cat in mind...he/she matches perfectly.
  14. Naomi said:
    Wish you could see my kitchen.... yours is beautiful, nicely done!