So far this year we’ve spent nearly 3 months outside of Australia. On top of that, almost every weekend we drive about 500km to photograph a wedding. Our new car is a few months old and yesterday we cracked the 10,000km mark. There are lots of photos of us around our house. Just so our cats remember who we are.

When we travel or go on holidays, it’s rare for a camera to leave my side. I’ll always carry either our new little Fuji X100, or a bare bones version of our Nikon D700 work camera paired with a versatile lens like the 24-70mm f2.8.

In a different country and culture, I feel like an outsider looking in. And the type of photos I take when we’re traveling are reflective of that feeling. That’s why I don’t take any portraits or posed photos.

Just like on a wedding day, I’m always on the look out for interesting moments, shapes and stories to capture. 99% of the time, the people in the photos aren’t aware of me, or my camera. Capturing something real and honest is what excites me about photography.

There’s a fantastic book by Sir Ken Robinson called “The Element”. In it he proposes that everyone has a sweet spot in their life. A point at which they are ‘in their element’.

Here’s how he describes it:

“The element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. When people arrive at the element, they feel most themselves and most inspired and achieve at their highest levels.”

I like to describe it as finding your sweet spot in life.

I’m an observer and this style of documentary photography is my sweet spot.

And I am in my element when I’m able to do just that. To observe. Camera in hand. On holidays, or at a wedding.

So, these images are the chronological story of our most recent 2 month overseas trip, told through a collection of street/documentary photography. Down the track we’ll also share a collection of beautiful ‘non-people’ photos, stuff like landscapes, vistas and the various beautiful places we visited on our trip.

At the end of this post I’ve pasted the list of all the places we visited. See how many you can pick from the photos without peeking at the list. And keep an eye out for the Mano Lisa. Yep, that’s not a typo. You’ll know it when you see it.



p.s. I don’t usually put music to our blog posts but this song by our good friend, Stu Larsen, fits perfectly with our trip and our strange traveling lifestyle. Take your time, listen to the music and words. And think about the stories of the people in the photos.

Brisbane > Sydney > Abu Dhabi > London > Leeds > London > Fleet > London > Paris > London > Bath > Wales > London > Venice > Corfu > Mykonos > Santorini > Ephesus > Venice > Rome > Athens > Santorini > Athens > London > Southhampton > London > Abu Dhabi > Sydney > Brisbane

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  1. Wow, what are wonderful photographs. Still havent visited Europe. :(
  2. This is all sorts of awesome!! Love it :)
  3. Frankc said:
    Fabulous eye for detail. Well seen and captured. Inspiring stuff!
  4. Meagan said:
    Matt and Katie, I'm obsessed with your blog. Can't wait till I get married just so I can hire you both! So talented and so inspiring.
  5. Mercedes said:
    I love this post. I really love the ones where you observe quiet moments in the middle of chaos and movement. Beautiful.
  6. Al Hegerty said:
    Matt & Katie - You are amazingly tallented. I absolutely love your photos and the way you can tell a story through pictures. I can stop looking through you portfolios..
  7. Jenae said:
    Amazing... Love all of these Images.
  8. juanita said:
    what an inspiring collection of images... well done!
  9. Rebecca said:
    Your photography is just beautiful but what really strikes me is the connection you two have to yourselves and each other ... you seem to have truly found that something that we all search for ... happiness.
  10. Matt, these are absolutely amazing! You need to publish a book!
  11. Chatti said:
    Your post made me more inspired to take more street photography. i love the story that is told in these photos. I noticed Rome and I remembered walking on Via Emmanuel ever day for 6 months and passing the book store. It made me smile and remember my time in Rome.
  12. Kirsty said:
    I just saw this post via the one about your award - congrats on that, so well deserved - loving your travel photography and just wanted to say if you guys pass through Abu Dhabi again this year pleeeease stop off!! Come and say HI!!
  13. Az Hamilton said:
    Seriously ... These photos just make me smile. Beautiful.
  14. Your Pictures are fantastic, so great composed! If you ever want to visit Bavaria, Germany give me a call! It would be an honour to host you Guys!
  15. Enjoyed every shot, love all the trip and this set, congrats!
  16. Tiffany Burow said:
    were you guys at the royal wedding too?? we were on the left ring inside the palace! never knew you were in london!! love your cheeky pic at waterloo. the mano lisa is my fave.
  17. Anja said:
    It's been a real treat seeing all those places through your eyes! I've been to a few of them myself and loved seeing them portrayed so beautifully!
  18. Angel said:
    i don't think i can say anything else that hasn't already been said. Just beautiful! every single one of them. what an amazing experience and way to remember your trip.
  19. Katie said:
    These images are incredible!!!
  20. These are all AMAZING.. Love each and everyone..
  21. Anya said:
    WOW! Just wow guys...
  22. LOVE this post! Makes me so jealous and nostalgic for Europe. Great photos!
  23. Fantastic story! Awesome.
  24. Seriously epic post!
  25. awesome clicks guys! cheers from MX
  26. You guys are photography geniuses (genii?!!). Truly. You have such a gift of observation and representing it with the most beautiful lighting and composition. Thank you for sharing these, they made my heart smile :-)
  27. Fantastic set! Great colours and conception. I'love it.
  28. Those images are wonderful guys. Thank you so much for sharing.
  29. These are fantastic! So many great shots.
  30. Stunning! They're all so beautiful. It's rare that I'm not scrolling to the end of a blog post, no matter how lovely the images. With this one, though, I didn't want it to end.
  31. These are stunning. There were so many that stood out.
  32. Que said:
    Katie....OMG simply gorgeous....Such an amazing set of images.... Thank you for sharing your journey with us and ME
  33. Jane Gilbey said:
  34. Emily said:
    Wonderful photographic journey Matt & Katie!! amazing images as always! :)
  35. Nick said:
    Fantastic! Like a mini holiday in my computer, thanks guys!
  36. Kyle said:
    Wow, some of the best travel photography I have ever seen!
  37. Sara said:
    I'm so impressed with this set, it is incredible. I wish my Euro-trip photos were this nice :( <3
  38. Phill said:
    Being Mattandkatievich. It's been utterly compelling seeing Europe through your eyes.
  39. nancy said:
    wowee I am speechless! captivating, scrolled up and down again and again taking it all in.. didn't want the images or song to end. <3
  40. Kym Herrmann said:
    What can I say about your photography !!!! (LOTS) ready to pack our bags , so inspiring and real!!!!!
  41. Christine said:
    VERY cool guys... looks like you had such a freaking awesome time! :) Love these! :)
  42. AWESOME. love the song with the photos. You did a wonderful job. It feels like I was there.
  43. what a beautiful and fascinating tour of Europe!! i can only dream of ever doing such a journey!! lovely!
  44. Rebecca said:
    amazing! all of them very captivating. such memories and places to treasure. Loved them
  45. Theresa McDonald said:
    Matt, your style always inspires me. The images, the music, it all took me to a place of imagining....thank you for brightening my day =)
  46. I just lived vicariously through your travels! brilliant!
  47. wow. PLEASE PLEASE put music with all your pictures! I was completely absorbed by your photographs while listening to that music. You took be to a whole new place for a moment! I love your eye and how you see things. Thanks for sharing.
  48. These are brilliant Matt! And they totally just took me back to my trip, so many familiar locations and you have captured them with amazing flare.
  49. These are brilliant guys. Love the one of the hands in the staircase!
  50. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Memories enhanced by pictures make the memories live longer. Great photos made more special by Stu's song.
  51. Wish my travel snaps were this awesome :)
  52. ohh wow. incredible post!
  53. Am in love with these travel shots.... I love travel and you've made me want to pick up my camera and go. The shot with the hands on the spiral staircase absolutely slayed me! Thx for sharing :)
  54. Alex said:
    That one with the hands on the spiral staircase... oh, man, that got to me. I love your eyes and mind.
  55. I adore your work more than I can find words to say it.
  56. Laura said:
    Oh Matt and Katie, I wish I would get such meaningful and beautiful street-photographs when I'm travelling. I love your paris/venice/london-impressions. It just makes me smile, think about my past holidays and makes me wish to travel there soon again. Laura
  57. What an amazing journey you both have been on. Looks incredible! We were in France for a month this year, so the long crowds in Paris are really familiar to me lol Beautiful work!
  58. Lauren said:
    Wow! Such an amazing trip and you guys captured it so beautifully!!! Thanks for sharing :)
  59. you have left me with a MAJOR lump in my throat -how you've made me MISS it all sooooooo much more than usual!!!! AMAZEBALLS!!!!!
  60. mikka said:
    thank you for sharing have been & have seen with different set of eyes though ;) music was a sweet addition today. looking through your lens gave me mixed feelings of amazement and panic attack - facing those enormous crowds trying to catch all wonders of this world i love your sensibility - your so called sweet point. by you I mean K&M hope you won your long Waterloo battle :) you look like two lonely souls from Napoleon's army warmest regards from even more amazing and for sure as much crowded NYC
  61. amazing and so inspirational!!
  62. Clare said:
    I've been reading your blog for some time and finally had to "de-lurk" as it were to say WOW! Wow wow wow, such beautiful images. I forced myself to start a 30 Day Photo Challenge this month because I think I've forgotten that photography isn't just my job, but something I love to do on my own time. Truly inspiring post, I appreciate the reminder to keep shooting for myself :)
  63. jami said:
    My GAWD, you 2 always amaze me!! Thank you for letting us into your incredible journeys. Absolute beauty.
  64. Peta said:
    What a great journey!
  65. Kelly Brown said:
    Brilliant! What a wonderful adventure you both had.
  66. Truly awesome. Truly. Some fantastic wall hangers in there for sure! Love em'!
  67. Loved every image, fantastic record of your trip Matt and Katie, I wanna go back with my camera...
  68. Matt & Katie, these are so ridiculously amazing! WOW is all i can say... I adore them all! What an amazing experience and trip...looks like a trip of a lifetime! Now i just have to go and show scott!!!
  69. So many great images. Looks like you had a awesome trip.