A couple of questions Matt and I often get asked are, “Why do you guys live in Toowoomba?” and “Why don’t you move to somewhere more glamourous and where there’s more work, like Brisbane, Sydney or even America?”

These are good questions and ones that we’ve wrestled with quite often.

We have considered moving to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and at one stage we were seriously considering moving to either New Zealand or Nashville!

Don’t get me wrong, Toowoomba is a beautiful town and we love our local couples.

I guess it’s the location that is the problem. Toowoomba is about 2 hours inland from Brisbane and unfortunately, we sometimes miss out on work because of where we live. On top of that, like many small town kids before us, there’s always that niggle in the back of our minds … ‘Are we reaching our full potential here?’

So, why do we stay? Why don’t we move somewhere bigger where there’s more work and we can reach our full potential?

The reason is this … family.

Home for us is:

– living across from our favourite park and having family picnics on the weekend
– having most of my family only a 3 minute drive away
– when our car breaks down in the middle of the night, Dad is always there to come rescue us
– having lunch with Matt’s parents during the week
– family dinner nights during the week
– going shopping with my Mum
– watching the kids in the family grow and being part of their lives
– the pets! I love animals!

Toowoomba is our home but Matt and I love to fly/drive/walk anywhere in the world to take photos! At the moment about 50% of our work is local, and 50% is out-of-town, interstate and international. Our awesome couples have taken us to Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Maleny, Auckland in New Zealand, Las Vegas, Nashville … and in just over a week we’re traveling to Phuket, Thailand for a wedding/vow renewal. Lucky us!

Airfares are cheap. Petrol is cheap (sort of). Memories of time spent with family and friends is something that money can’t buy.

To illustrate my point, here are some photos from a family picnic we had in the park on Sunday for my Dad’s 55th birthday. Matt took all these photos, so that’s why he isn’t in any! I know I should have taken some of him, but I was having a day off.

Why do we stay? Because of days like this.


Trixie is the newest member of the family! My cousin Dave and his wife Claire adopted her just 2 weeks ago. She’s a lovely dog, very energetic, VERY smart and she’s great with the kids.


Rosie with her new friend Trixie.

Picnic time.

My cousin Lauren (3rd from the left) is due to have baby #2 in June! How exciting!

Which means that Libby is going to be a big sister!

Uncle Kim and little Emma.

Shannon on the swings.

Giving Nannie a push!

How cute is this shot? Shannon with his granddad, Kim.

My mean cricket skills.  Embarrassing but funny!

Rosie loves water …

… but I think she loves mud even more!

Just chillin’. My Dad with my Grandmother Susie.

(Top Left) Matt took this photo of me and my Mum the other day.
(Top Right) Dad with Susie and two of his eight siblings – yes! Can you believe Susie had 10 kids! Look how tiny she is!
(Bottom Left) Kim and Claire chilling under a tree.
(Bottom Right) My brother Lachlan!


This is what life is all about.

To finish off – a before and after shot of Rosie. Is it possible that she’s getting CUTER?!  I think so!

p.s. Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hawaii, London, Italy, Switzerland and Canada are all on my ‘I really want to shoot there’ list… just putting it out there!

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  1. Emmalee said:
    Awww love you guys, this is beautiful :)
  2. Sian L said:
    I have fallen in love with your style of photography and your beautiful Rosie!! Brandie is my lovely hairdresser and friend, and looking for her photos on your blog I have found my own wedding photographers. You are both so talented!
  3. Apple said:
    that's so sweet!:) welll, i hope you reach your full potentials and stay as close to your family as you ever could want!<3
  4. Kel said:
    <3 beautiful sentiment. I miss being close (geographically) to my family (we live in Brisbane with family all over QLD). I love the pics as they remind me so much of my fam. Love your work xx
  5. those 'rosie in the mud' photos are just delicious!
  6. I can so relate to this post! I'm so sad that my family moved away, they don't know the impact it has had on my life. Go you for realising that it's family that matters more than money, and as you say, you can travel anywhere with your camera ;)
  7. Laura said:
    oh my. these are great shots of a relaxing day. you look soooo similar to your dad :) i love rosie.. she's such a cutie.
  8. Melli and David said:
    Katie, we really apreciate your descition to stay in your town next to your family. Life is more than success and money. There´s nothing else that can satisfy each ones life than relationships to other persons and to god. We´re happy to read, that one place you like to take photos is Switzerland. On July the 17th we are going to marry. Not in Switzerland but in Germany. The border to Switzerland is just 4 hours by car. So if you want to come :) your welcome here in germany. And if you´re here in Europe, you can fulfill your list with visiting London and Italy ;) For the journey... we´re students and have not so much money to finance it...but we´ll find a way :o) We hope you understand our english. Have a nice day! Byebye
  9. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Families are indeed precious wish we could see ours more often. But distance and business keeps us apart. Would have liked to see Matthew in pictures.
  10. I soooo hear you - this is exactly why we are leaving Melbourne for Yeppoon! It really comes doesn to what success means for you - you might make more money elsewhere, but does that make up the value of being away from family. Plus you guys hace such awesome talent that people everywhere will value - so you can live in Toowoomba and travel around, best of both worlds!! Good luck for the future you guys!
  11. Rosie said:
    Hi. Just found you guys recently through Simply Bloom :). You guys are awesome and do amazing work! I can totally relate to the remoter location and family. PS, I think my namesake is pretty darn cute ;)
  12. Cherie said:
    Beautiful photos and yes wise to stay in Toowoomba as your family looks so close, its great! You are very blessed! And Rosie! OMG! How cute is she??? Love the shot of you Katie just lying on the grass with her!!
  13. Jessica Magee said:
    Katie!! These pictures area amazing (I guess I mean Matt!) Rosie's getting so big! And I LOVE the pictures of her in the mud! I'm curious what setting you use? I love the bright contrast of all the pictures! Stay where you are. It's home.
  14. Love this post, guys! It's really important to slow down when you're self-employed and enjoy time away from work! Great shots of the dogs!
  15. This truly is what life is all about. I can't even begin to count how many times I ask myself if I can really make it, being so far from where my heart guys are doing the right thing. Trust me. Gorgeous family and dogs ;)
  16. jem said:
    Beautifully said Katie ~ family is everything ♥ I just lost my Dad 3 weeks ago and still can't believe it . A little piece of my heart is missing :( I don't blame you for wanting to stay in Toowoomba ~ wise decision!
  17. My mum walks her dogs at that exact same park!!! My girls love it when they go there to visit!
  18. Nick B said:
    Rosie is SOOOO Cute! And we'd be happy to have you here in Canada :D Come to Vancouver, we'll show you all the cool spots ;)
  19. Rachel said:
    Good for you! I lived in Toowoomba for 12 months and LOVED it! it really is a great family place to live.