Recently my parent’s house was broken into.

Getting broken into is a very crappy experience. Not only do you lose the things that are stolen, but you also lose the feeling of security you once had, and SHOULD have in your own home.

Funnily enough (or not), most of the stuff stolen belonged to Matt! My brother had been borrowing Matt’s Xbox 360, and we had just had a movie night at their house using our HD projector. Both of them were stolen.

The only other thing taken was an old video camera. Unfortunately the bag that the video camera was in had all our family tapes in it. You know, all the embarrassing videos from our childhood. These videos contained memories from holidays, ballet concerts, birthdays and other major life events. Personally, I was somewhat relieved that the ballet concert tapes were stolen (Matt doesn’t need to EVER see me like that), but Mum was of course pretty devastated at the loss.

We were sitting around talking with my family about the things we could do to avoid getting broken into again. As a result, just before we left for America, my younger brother Lachlan bought a dog because a) he’s always wanted his own pet and b) a dog would be great ‘protection’ against burglars.

Well, he bought a golden retriever puppy. This certainly satisfies the first criteria, but not so much the second.

Golden retrievers are one of about three breeds of dog that you cannot train to be a guard dog. They are too placid and don’t have a single mean bone in their body. Pretty much, they love everyone and would probably welcome burglars into the home. Despite all that, Rosie is super cute and we absolutely love her to bits.

I’m a little bummed that we will have missed out on a lot of the ‘puppy stage’. When we left for America she looked just like a stuffed toy! I can’t wait to see how much she has grown!

So, here you go! Meet Rosie! Burglars beware, come too close and she will love you to death with her awesome powers of super-cuteness!


Note from Matt: Even though Rosie is technically Lachlan’s dog, Katie refers to her as ‘our’ dog. We can’t have a dog at our apartment so Rosie is the next best thing to Katie having her own puppy. Whenever Katie comes home from playing with Rosie, our cats (Gucci and Hugo) treat Katie with much suspicion and interest. If only they knew what she was up to!


Isn’t she just gorgeous?!

You can really see how small she is in this photo with Lachlan.

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  1. Ngoc said:
    Oh my! I want to cuddle Rosie. She is definitely a keeper!
  2. [...] P.S. You know that you can’t have a blog post without a photo! So here is a photo of my brother’s new puppy, Rosie! Read more about her on our Matt and Katie Blog HERE. [...]
  3. Jo Gardiner said:
    Oh she is GOREGOUS! I have always wanted a golden retreiver. I definitely want one as our 2nd dog when we move to a bigger place!! She is sooo cute :) I am going to show Chad these photos for sure!! Hint hint hint
  4. Becca said:
    This is the cutest puppy ever! Yall have a good time in the states can't wait to see more pictures!
  5. Elaine said:
    Oh she's cute. I was just looking at Oscar's first photos the other day - they grow far too quickly.
  6. oh I love her!!!!!
  7. Nick B said:
    That puppy is super cute!
  8. mark said:
    She's mega!! My sis had 2 of them, and they're awesome! They keep their cuteness too!
  9. How CUTE!!!!!! If anything can make me want a dog, it would be this little guy! :) I'm SO sorry that your home videos were stolen!!!! That would be devastating :(. We've been broken into TWICE since we've been married! It is truly awful. One of the times was when I was 6 months pregnant, and I remember my daughter was kicking like crazy for about 36 hours straight - I know it's because she could feel how stressed I was. But with each situation, it got much better after time passed. I didn't feel quite SO paranoid after a few months. Still no fun, though!..... :(
  10. Paul Reid said:
    What I want to know is how Matt is coping without his Xbox 360!!
  11. Alice said:
    Nothing like an adorable puppy to bulk up the comments section! Rosie is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen... particularly love those last two shots... totally irresistible!
  12. Kirsty Aksentiew said:
    I totally want to break in to your place just to cuddle her, she is adorable.
  13. AWWWW TOO CUTE! I want to eat her! Delicious!! But Matt is right, watch your fur-babies dont crack it! :P
  14. aw, she is ADORABLE!!!! SO CUTE you make me want to go out and buy one NOW! :) and sucks about your parent's home... that is really really terrible. i hope those thieves get caught and get what they deserve! :(
  15. Zac said:
    Oh my gosh. You have to be kidding me!!! I have ALWAYS wanted a Lab or Retriever!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!! And so jealous right now!!
  16. Ruth said:
    You'd be surprised how big a warning bark an adult GR can produce ;) Very cute puppy. But really, I can't say I've ever seen a puppy that I didn't find cute ;)
  17. Jessica Magee said:
    Hahaha! No way, a golden!! My whole life we had goldens, they're incredible dogs, super smart, so easy to train, and adorable. But they'll just love all over a stranger. We had one that was very protective and would growl at anybody that ignored her. So if you pet her, you were accepted. Hope you have tons of fun (and tons of pictures) with little Rosie!!
  18. Bianca said:
    Oh Im sorry to hear your family had to go through that, but the silver lining in no doubt this adorable little ball of fluff. Im in love!
  19. NAWWW she's so gorgeous..!! and i must say, we have always had lab's and they are the MOST protective dog EVER...!!! Our lab is the best gaurd dog.. she has bitten people trying to get into our yard.. so there is hope for her to do the same. They know whos allowed in and whos not ;-) a dog is one of the best friends you could have. ( our lab is turning 14 in a few weeks )
  20. Natasha said:
    Don't worry - just like our dog, she'll lick those burglars to death! :)