Today we woke up early. Real early. I don’t think we’ve arrived at work this early… well, ever!

Why did we get to work so early?

To wait for a courier….

When Matt heard the studio door downstairs open he raced down. Moments later he reappeared at the top of the step with a HUGE smile on his face. His smile was so big! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy… not even on our wedding day!

I quickly grabbed my camera so I could show you HOW excited Matt was/is to get his brand spanking new iPad!

I don’t think he is going to get much work done today… *sigh*


Happy much?

Quick! Open it!


Lets see that face again…


I must admit – it is pretty cool….


Ok, it’s very cool!

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  1. Michelle said:
    oh, his expression is priceless! Just like a kid on Christmas morning!
  2. Jojo said:
    Now you can make iPad magic: A new M+K challenge?
  3. Apple said:
    aww. he looks like a little kid opening the latest toy before all the other kids do. :)
  4. lachlan said:
    man i love the ipad! i got mine 3 weeks before they were released in australia and i love em! keep up the cool photography! oh and what camera do you use?
  5. your like a big kid on christmas morning ;) enjoy!!!
  6. So cute! That's exactly what Ian looked like when we got the iPad. It's it great that it can be used for the business?! Love love love.
  7. Jealous much? You betcha! Have fun Matty!
  8. ... C'mon Matt, that's kind of lame. Getting so excited over a.... Nah, I can't front. I'll be this excited next week when I get one too hahaha! Awesome! Jealous, jealous.
  9. Ha Ha - that is too cute! You must report on whether it's worth the investment!
  10. Haha! That's so cute! They do look awesome...
  11. Belinda said:
    Funneeeeeee! That made me smile big time! Totally green here, Matt.
  12. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Oh Matthew, you and your big brother are out of the same mold with your new toys. Now you have made your Mother jealous. I will now have to check my bank balance.
  13. Ngoc said:
    Now you must get him the iPad case. It is really sleek and makes your usage even better! :)
  14. Hahaha - hilarious! :) He's like a proud father LOL Rach.....quietly jealous :)
  15. jealous MUCH! Enjoy it Matt! Katie, enjoy his excitement (though you probably won't see him again for the next few days :) )
  16. Rana said:
    SWOON - over the ipad of course :) How exciting!
  17. charlie said:
    ok i'm jealous with a capital *j* i indicated to my man that it would make a fabulos present for my significant birthday at the end of the year! enjoy lucky ducky!
  18. Julie Larpent said:
    Very Cool!!!!!
  19. awesomesauce... i can imagine how big that smile is :) haha