We’ve had requests to re-post our wedding invitation that appeared on our old blog. So here it is, back by popular demand!

Katie and I were married on December 3, 2005 and we did something a little different for our wedding invites. We made about 200 copies of this video and sent it out to all our guests on DVD.

Now, pay attention to the little 3 second bit towards the start that says “Hey Jamez!” …. well, we were crazy enough to personalise that part for each of our guests!

Also note the bit where it says “This Year!”. We needed to include that for our guests because Katie and I went from dating … to engaged … to married … all within 3 months! Some people thought we were crazy, but ‘when you know, you know!’

On the eve of our first trip to America as a couple … enjoy the invite to the party that kicked off our crazy life together!


P.S. This video includes a very old work email address – don’t try and send an email to it, ’cause we won’t get it!

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  1. Zac said:
    Wow, that is definitely the best wedding invites I have ever seen. So fun! Keep up the good work!
  2. Looooove the invite!!!!! so fun with you guys, im from mexico and i dont know how i get to your site, but soo happy to!!!!
  3. jem said:
    the coolest wedding invite i have ever seen! sooooooooo cute! :)
  4. That is the
  5. every time I hear this song I am still reminded of your wedding invites :-)
  6. Rachel said:
    That was wonderful - loved how you included your parents :)
  7. Kristen said:
    haha that was great!
  8. sayah said:
    yall are pretty awesome! i believe if we were to meet we would get along just great. you were prt of my inspiration for strting photography, and i cnt wait to build up my branding! hv a great one
  9. You guys are adorable. But you forgot to tell the WHOLE story which included many years of stalking and school girl crushes ;) Go on, I dare you :) xxx
  10. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Awwww so kute er cuit er cute and you haven't aged a bit, Katie that is. Still like it.
  11. Ngoc said:
    Awww....what a super cute and personalized way of inviting your guests!!! I'm still waiting for my invitation (this year right?!). J/k. You two still act like newlyweds, SOOOOOOooo cute!
  12. : why don't you reply to my emails?
  13. Now that's what I call creative!!! Rock out WPPI.
  14. that was super cool! Enjoy Vegas...
  15. helen gibbs said:
    that is so awsome katie, loved it... what a unique idea...
  16. you guys are so cute and creative!