So today I turned 25. I’ve been looking forward to celebrating my birthday in Vegas since Matty surprised me last year with tickets to WPPI.

When I was younger my Mum would always say to me “For your birthday we can only afford to have one party – so you have to CHOOSE. You can have a party with your school friends, OR with your family… and just remember that your Grandparents are old and will probably die soon.

So as you can imagine I always begrudgingly chose to celebrate my birthday with my family. All the other kids had fancy birthday parties that were themed, wild and fun – and I always had a small celebration with my Mum, Dad, little brother Lachlan, my Aunty and Uncle, two favourite cousins and of course my living grandparents. Each birthday was usually celebrated at home, with a home made cake and a roast dinner (which was usually terribly overcooked).

One birthday that was a real ‘let down’ was my 13th birthday. We were in England on a family holiday and my Dad took us all to a car museum… yes, a CAR MUSEUM for my 13th Birthday. I remember sitting at one of the tables in the museum diner, trying my best to make sure they knew I was unimpressed. My family then presented me with a chocolate muffin with a candle on top – that’s right – they were even too cheap to get me a real cake! I was so unamused. This was not the fairy themed party that I wanted. *Poor Me*

I woke up this morning with my beautiful husband next to me and we went off to see the last session at WPPI, Photographers Ignite. As we sat there listening to all the speakers talk, I was tired, feeling sick and most of all I was missing my family. This is the first birthday ever that I haven’t spent with my family. So, after the talks finished I ditched Matty and came back to my hotel room to sulk. I shut all the curtains, turned off all the lights and crawled into bed.

After an hour or so, I woke up and decided that I felt a bit better. I ran a hot bath, got a tub of strawberries out of the fridge (as well as a tub of chocolate pudding) and I spent a few quiet minutes alone thinking. I thought about all the great birthdays that I’ve had with my family over the last 25 years. The way they always sing happy birthday terribly out of tune. All the birthday presents that have been wrapped so lovingly. All the roast dinners and the home birthday cakes, (or chocolate muffin with a candle on top!). My Grandparents. All the laughs and all the hugs… and you know what? I feel so loved, I am BLESSED. I have the best family in the world and I know that they love me no matter how far away I am.

So I’m just waiting for Matty to come back from lunch and we are going to go out and CELEBRATE! We are going to see the Cirque du Soleil show “O” tonight and I’m so excited! We also hope to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas and to ride the roller coaster at New York, New York.

WPPI 2010 has been wonderful! We have met so many lovely people and made some great friendships. I’d totally recommend attending if you ever get the chance!

To end this story on a funny note: As I was wallowing in my self-pity, I found a BIG FAT WORM in one of my strawberries!!! I had to laugh, otherwise I would have cried! … Ah, what a birthday to remember! 🙂


Happy snaps from our little ‘point and shoot’ camera!


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  1. Tamara said:
    Happy late birthday Katie!! You guys are just so cute..I hope you had a great trip!! x
  2. Jessica Magee said:
    Haha, sounds like all my past birthdays. I turned 23 yesterday and spent it with friends at a local Mexican restaurant that I could eat at every day. I always wanted that 'fairy themed' party, but now its like .... I'd much rather spend hours with my friends eating chips and cheese and talking about stocks, bonds, and baby fever!! Thanks for the add on Facebook! I'm a new follower thanks to my friends Christine and Vania over at SimplyBloom Photography! You and your husband are insanely talented and I can't wait to stalk the blog regularly. Thank you for being amazing!!
  3. What a post! And to think we got to spend time with you on your birthday! (Now I'm feeling terribly that we didn't order you a cake.) Cheers to you guys- love the new site! Travel safe- hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip.
  4. this post made me smile all throughout!! so happy!
  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! March birthdays are the BEST! ;o)
  6. Fiona said:
    I'm glad it picked up! Your cupcake story is hilarious! It's sounded very similar to my 13th Birthday Christmas cake story, which was not so amusing at the time:/ Enjoy what is left of your trip!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE XO I bet you guys loved O it is just amazing.
  8. Anja said:
    Happy belated birthday Katie. Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating! Wish I could have gone to Vegas too, I'm so jealous! Cheers from germany!
  9. Hoizge said:
    happy birthday katie :)
  10. Cindy Lee said:
    My 13th was less than ordinary too ... so a BIG happy 25th BDay blessing. Hope it was ultra fabulous!!!!
  11. Ngoc said:
    OMG, I just teared up reading this. Boooohooo!!! To birthdays, family, friends, chocolate cakes (or muffins!), and lots of wonderful memories, CHEER, CHEER! <3 Ngoc
    • In awe of that aswner! Really cool!
  12. Eva said:
    Awwww love! You just made me burst into tears! I hope you had a FABULOUS birthday, and I'll bet your family missed you too! xoxo