After an all too brief 4 day stay in Paris we are certainly sad to be leaving. Today we watched the sun set over Paris from the top of the Arc du Triomphe. Then we walked hand in hand in the rain to the Eiffel Tower.

With a late night picnic on the lawns of the Champ de Mars, we held each other tight and gazed up at the twinkling tower as we bid farewell to La Ville-Lumière. The City of Light.

Instead of walking back to our apartment near the Louvre or catching a taxi, we decided to rent some bicycles and meander our way home. While we were collecting our bicycles I noticed this magical scene nearby. Quickly, I took this photo and then we slipped away unnoticed.

As Katie and I cruised the streets of Paris at midnight, we felt much like I expect this unknown couple were feeling at this moment.

Like the only two people in the world.

Adieu Paris, vous allez nous manquer.

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  1. Ann said:
    Your Photos are very nice and interesting! Your photos brought me great pleasure, and some have taught, to pay attention to details!
  2. Kellee said:
    Well it's official. I must go back to Paris again!
  3. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    We love reading & seeing the wonderful stories of your trip to UK & Paris. Enjoy the rest of your time & keep the stories coming.
  4. Jo said:
    Wow! It amazes me that you can just quickly snap a shot like this one!! Beautiful :)
  5. Annie said:
    What a wonderful moment to capture, and a sweet story. :)
  6. This photo is the essence of French romance. I am so glad that you both had fun. We'll be glad to have you back though :)
  7. Nic said:
    Oh! I had tears in my eyes before the end of the first line... some would blame the onions, but I know it's cause my heart can't wait for the day that I get to share an evening in Paris with my husband, Matt. Hope you both have a wonderful, rejuvenating time together for the rest of your travels!
  8. Bianca said:
    Paris, je t'aime! Ah sounds like you two are having a magical time!
  9. Anjanette said: