Last year, Matt surprised me with a ticket to Jasmine Star’s workshop in Sydney. Best husband in the world? I think so!

That is, until the realisation hit me that this meant I’d be traveling to Sydney by myself. Cue freakout! I’m not the world’s most confident person went it comes to airplanes, catching taxis and finding my way around a big city that I don’t know.

I begged Matt to buy another ticket so he could come with me, but he explained that we just didn’t have the money at the time. Boo! Traveling isn’t nearly as fun when you don’t get to do it with the person you love.

After a few days of secret brain-storming I approached Matt with a genius idea: “What if you offer to do a promo video for Jasmine?”

Now, I’m not going to brag … BUT, my husband is amazingly talented. Not just with photography and video, but anything he puts his mind too. Matt has such a kind heart, and often spends hours and hours on forums helping out new photographers.

With this in mind you have to understand that I don’t like lending him out too much. Sometimes it’s hard enough to keep his attention at home, so the idea of him taking on a project for one of the coolest photographers in the world meant that I’d be giving up a few good weeks of ‘Katie time’. When Matt works on a video project, you know that it’s going to take ages and it is going to be perfect. But, sacrificing some ‘Katie time’ to not have to travel alone, that’s a fair enough trade off I’d say.

So, back to my plan. Surely Jasmine would be CRAZY not to accept his offer of a little promo video in exchange for tagging along to The Workshop with me. And that would mean I wouldn’t have to travel by myself. I’m sneaky like that.

Needless to say my plan worked. Yay for Jasmine! Yay for Matt! Yay for me!

I’m so glad that Matt was able to use his talent to bless Jasmine and JD, as they are some of the most lovely people that I have ever met. They are so nice and down to earth. You could see yourself being friends with them, even if you didn’t have photography in common.

Meeting lots of other great Aussie photographers at The Workshop was a massive highlight as well.

One of our new friends is Cathy Crawley from Beautiful Moments Photography in Sydney. Cathy was the hostess of The Workshop. She did such an amazing job! Cathy organised everything from the venue, the flowers, the models and SO much more. Every detail was just perfect for Jasmine and all the attendees – Cathy, you should be very proud of what you pulled off! It was incredible!

Apart from making new friends we also got heaps out of The Workshop itself. Our new ‘Matt and Katie’ blog and branding was all planned and meant to be completed well before The Workshop in January, but we were still second guessing ourselves a bit. “Shadowplay is the safe option, maybe we should stick with it? What will people think? What if they don’t like the new ‘us’?”

Everything Jasmine covered at The Workshop confirmed that Matt and I were heading in the right direction with our new blog and branding. Most of all she inspired us and gave us the courage to follow our heart and our instincts, and just go for it!

One of our favourite quotes from Jasmine is, “It’s more important to be different than it is to be the best.” Do I hear an AMEN?!? 😉

If you ever get the chance to attend The Workshop, or to be part of anything that Jasmine is involved in … just do it! Don’t worry about the money. What it costs you will be returned so many times over with what you learn and the inspiration you will receive.

Enjoy the video Matt made, and some of my photos from The Workshop in Sydney, with Jasmine Star.


Matt and Jasmine working their magic!

Kristie looked stunning in her Catherine Coloubriale gown.

Recognise these two? It was so great to have Evan and Lacey at The Workshop with us, and to photograph them again! See their wedding photos HERE

Beautiful details and beautiful Lacey!

Alana is so gorgeous. Doesn’t she remind you of Charlotte from Sex In The City?

I love this photo of Alana and Karim.

Workshop Hostess: Cathy Crawley
Models: Lacey + Evan Shelton | Kristie Jane | Kara Tranner | Alana and Karim
Hair and Makeup: Elle Vierboom | Lyndal Quinn-Tuccarone
Flowers: Daisy Chain Florist
Dresses: Catherine Coloubriale
Venue: The Cruise Bar, Sydney

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  1. WOW! I LOVE the video you made of the workshop! Please tell me you're coming to Maine and I can hire you? You did such a wonderful job of showing Jasmine and making me want to know her even more. I love the music mixed with her speaking and of course the gorgeous images. Beautiful job!
  2. Kristie said:
    wow - amazing work. And your new blog looks GORGEOUS!
  3. What a fabulous piece! I want to blog it myself now! :-D
  4. Karissa said:
    Thanks guys for bringing back my goosebumps all over again & helping me dance around my loungeroom with delight.Love love love your work....hooray!!!
  5. Sorry, correction: Why do we care so much on what others think?!?!?
  6. Girl, you have an amazing husband and you are an amazing wife. How awesome of you to think the idea of having your husband shoot a video. Which by the way is AMAZING!!! You both are amazing and have an awesome talent. One more thing...I think your blog looks great. I love how you added the videos. Why do we can so much on what others think?!?!?
  7. Caitlin said:
    WOW! Your video of Jasmine BLEW me away! You are so, so talented. Photos are so gorgeous too! :)
  8. Andrea said:
    LOVED that video of Jasmine!! I was at one of her workshops in the OC, she is so fabulous! I really enjoy your work and will be visiting your blog again! :) Will you please tell me the name of that song on the video?? Thanks!
  9. Loved the video and love your photos!! You have a new fan. ;)
  10. Wow... I'm blown away! Amazing job. Keep it up!
  11. Cherie said:
    Great job! I wish I could have gone to the workshop! :(
  12. AWESOME video :) I'm totally adding you guys to my blog stalking list now haha.
  13. Amazing video! Crazy talented!
  14. Love the new look! Congrats!
  15. FELIX WU said:
    Wow...came acroos your site from Jasmine's link. Your images are amazing. Fresh and romantic. Now I want a 85L. haha
  16. Elkie Ng said:
    Wow, thank you Matt! Absolutely love it ... so cool ... and brought me back a lot of memory of the day!
  17. Wow how cool is that video!!! Love it! and Congratulations on the new site! pretty awesome too
  18. charlie said:
    oh my I so so wish i knew about the workshop before it happened and wow awesome video and photos..keep up the great work guys..new fan Charlie
  19. Janine Copeland said:
    Wow the video is amazing, I'm sure Jasmine and JD will be thrilled with the results. It's lovely to see the person I imagined to be awesome, in real life, comes across exactly the way i imagined her to be. Great work on your photo's too by the way.
  20. Kayla said:
    I LOVED it! Ya'll did a fabulous job with the video! Made me want to be there!
  21. Kylie said:
    AWESOME - wish I was there..... but this is a great replacement!
  22. Anja said:
    Love the video. It makes me want to book a workshop with Jasmine right now. Seriously!
  23. Lydia said:
    Stunning pictures, Katie! Matt, the video is way awesome!!
  24. So fabulous!! Where are you guys when I need you, I would love Matt to do a promo vid for me and also would love it if you could ever come out and shoot my husband and I!!! Great jobs guys!
  25. Absolutely FANTASTIC video piece! Loved it!!!
  26. Katy G said:
    Found you through Jasmine because of the video and think it's amazing. Would love to know how you edit the video from the mkII..what program?
  27. What an awesome video! I love how you can summarise it so brilliantly the 2 days in just 3 minutes !! Love you blog layout! :)
  28. Nice. I didn't read the blah blah blah but I'm liking the images you came away with.
  29. love the video!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  30. Lisa Lent said:
    Awesome work guys, makes me wish I could of made it..looks like a fantastic day!
  31. Wow! First of all congrats on the new Name and Page, it is looking mint. Ya vid is fresh, pro and funky as even Matty, and you both rocked the photos out, ya both captured pure amazement! P.s. if every bride looked like Lacey, the world would be a better place :P
  32. WOW! You guys rock my socks off. Every time! Incredibly talented. =D
  33. mark said:
    Nice video...why have you stopped again!! Lookin' forward to my next workshop now!!
  34. Felicity said:
    Wow... fantastic work guys! Makes me wish I were there!
  35. Lesley said:
    That is fantasticly awesome.....GREAT JOB:)
  36. awesome work guys!!!
  37. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    I don't think I can say some of the groovy things other comments have said, but we think your new blog is FAB. Also awesome, lurrrrvly, and soooooo kool. By the way, what's a BLOG?
    • Matt and Katie -
      Hey Dad! About time you checked it out and left a comment! :)
  38. Awesome work on the video guys - i love it! Very inspirational :)
  39. Katie said:
    Matt, you are seriously awesome.
  40. Yay - I've been so looking forward to seeing the video. FANTASTIC - I love it :) Makes me want to see Jasmine again :)
  41. i love the new site! I love Matt & Katie * I love Jasmine-- basically everything about this post!!! :D
  42. aaron said:
    Hey Guys,love the video, love the new branding, the blog..gosh..so many things to love about you guys!!!. Can we please turn back time so i can be at Jasmine workshop again!!!!!
  43. Awesome video guys, looks like it was an amazing workshop! Though it makes me a little sad you are out of videos Matt, you have such an awesome talent! Hope you keep up the personal/fun videos at least!
  44. Kim Vernon said:
    L O V E IT, L O V E IT, L O V E IT!!! Spectacular work Matt & excellent scheming Katie! Love the new branding too ♥ Kim
  45. WOW. Just WOWWW. Matt you are so talented. LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
  46. WOW awesome video guys!!! Matthew u are a genius, I new it was going to fantastic. All the memories are flooding back. XO
  47. Lyndal said:
    oh wow.. this is soooooo good!! love it.
  48. OMG! OMG! OMG! Awesome job Matt - it transported me back instantly. Awesome!!
  49. Matt and Katie, you are both so talented and so generous, you should be so proud of your efforts, the video is brilliant!!! One of the best things about being at the workshop was being able to spend 4 days with you, I can't wait to see you again in Vegas!!
  50. Matthew. Holy. Flippin'. Jeebus. Man you are AWESOME!!!!! WOW! I know I was at the workshop and all, but watching this vid makes me want to go back again! LURRRRRVE it, you genius, you!!!!!
  51. Such a cool video matt - so professional and well put together. Jasmine must LOVE it!
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    OMG guys!! FAB Work on the video!!! so inspirational and brings back memories of a great day!!! xxxx