Thanks for checking out our brand new blog! We are super excited to have it up and we can’t wait to show you our latest work and to share our lives with you!

As some of you may know, we used to go under the name “Shadowplay Photography and Video”. Without trying to re-invent ourselves more times than Madonna, we have decided to change our business name to ‘Matt and Katie | Photographers’.


Well … ‘Shadowplay Photography and Video’ was great, but it was quite serious, dark and dramatic and when we looked at that website we didn’t feel that it represented us very well. Since starting Shadowplay we have grown and changed, not only as photographers but as people.

Also, Matt has ‘retired’ from doing video. Yes. We know he is really good at it. And yes, we know he was in the Top 25 and all that … blah blah blah…. In the last year Matt has fallen in love with photography, and fortunately, he is not too shabby at it either. We have come to realise that we are at our best when working together in the same medium.

Our new branding is fresh, easy-going, and a little bit cheeky. It suits our photographic style so much better, and most importantly it suits who we are as people and we LOVE IT! In a nutshell, it is so ‘us’.

Due to the new blog and branding taking so long, we have a backlog of about 6 to 7 months worth of work to unleash. To kick start the new blog, we’ve posted some of our recent (and not so recent) shoots below, and we have HEAPS to come!

We hope you are as excited we are! Make sure you sign up to the RSS feed and to our e-mail newsletter (below). This will keep you up-to-date with everything we are up to đŸ™‚

Getting to know new people is one of the things we love most – so please get in touch via e-mail, or by leaving us a comment!

Before we wrap up this post, we must give a huge shout out and thanks to Lee from PX Web Design for his awesome work on coding the blog. Lee is definitely not the reason the blog took so long, we were working with another team of designers but that didn’t work out.

Using Katie’s design, Lee came to our rescue and has managed to code the entire blog from scratch, in just over a week! Big props to Lee!

Ok, enough from us … please explore, comment and enjoy our new blog!

Matt and Katie.

Here is a photo of our little family! Matt, Gucci, Hugo and Katie!

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  1. I thought you guys had fallen off the planet (as technically impossible as that is). Im loving this new, very personal look.
  2. PS. Your furbabies are toooo cuuute! Those chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes!! <3
  3. Anja said:
    I'm loving your new website and branding but I'm really sad to hear that Matt won't do any videos anymore :-( Anyway, love your work and I'm looking forward to all those photos and posts waiting to be shown.
  4. Hey guys, congrats on your new direction/image/online-presence. Looks amazing. What a team! Yeah, web projects can be like giving birth... not that I'd know... but I have a new website pending (and pending, and pending) as well, also coded from scratch... I'll be sure to keep up with your work through your facebook page. Cheers.
  5. Good luck with the 'newish' venture! Blog rocks! (Your cats are mega too!!) All the best!
  6. Wooot congratulations guys!
  7. It looks great! Hope it goes really well guys you are amazing photographers.
  8. Fallon said:
    Congrats on the new website! Well worth the wait! It looks awesome!
  9. Melanie said:
    Love the new blog and branding!!
  10. Jasmine* said:
    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Loving the new blog! :)
  11. Loving the new look, guys!
  12. Congrats guys on the the look!! Fun & Fresh...another photography blog to it to BITS
  13. I LOVE THIS BLOG and the design and all! Congrats you guys! Hope you have the best 2010 ever.
  14. Trish said:
    Love your new look! My blog reader has certainly been missing you guys. Can't wait to see what you've been doing.
  15. Kristen said:
    awesome new blog, love the branding, good work!
  16. Rainee said:
    I can see why you guys were so excited to launch your new blog. its better than i imagined :D well done guys!
  17. Go you guys!!! loving the new branding, definitely suits your photography much more closer then Shadowplay!!!
  18. Freakin' amazing! The new look rocks - congrats!
  19. New blog is WICKED!! Congrats to you both! Putting this on my favourites, will be back regularly to see what you guys are up too!!
  20. Hoizge said:
    I like your new site, really well done! I am looking forward to see more recent pictures of what you have done. they are so inspiring! have a nice day and greetings from germany!
  21. kyles said:
    from one m and k to another m and k...congrats on the new blog - it reflects and evokes and tells so much about you two and the love you share for each other and your incredible work - wishing you both much success, bucket loads of happiness and icecream :)
  22. Bianca said:
    So excited to see the new look blog! It definitely captures 'you' and the lovely feel of your work!
  23. Lyndal said:
    wow, this is awesome! Love it
  24. Congratulations on the new blog. Its fantabulous!!! Love. Love. Love it.
  25. Can I add though that I think you will both do a great job, and I love the new design etc. :)
  26. So beautiful guys - I adore your new logo & branding. It all looks fantastic x (oh and I can't wait to see all your backlogs!) Ok, so I love everything as always!
  27. Natasha said:
    This is so ridiculously cute! I love it!!!!!!!
  28. alyda said:
    what James said Matt & Katie = awesome
  29. OUCH!!!!!!!! The industry loses a GURU! "Also, Matt has ‘retired’ from doing video. Yes. We know he is really good at it. And yes, we know he was in the Top 25 and all that … blah blah blah…."
  30. Coming back to comment again because I love it so much...!! x
  31. I've been a fan of you two for a while now and am SO happy to see your new branding and blog! It's definitely 'you'. Congratulations guys xx Dani
  32. IamMel said:
    Absolutely stunning!!! Adore everything on your new blog and your branding is gorgeous. Wishing you all the best in your new venture, the sky is the limit for you both!
  33. Natasha said:
    Love the new blog and name Matt and Katie, it totally suits you both :)
  34. looks UNREAL!!!! fantastic. well done, can't wait to see all your posts!! well done!..
  35. CONGRATS guys!!! :) looks fabulous!!!! :) love it and love you both! xoxo
  36. LOVEN you new blog, the photos of you guys are heaps cool too!
  37. Melody said:
    LOVE Love love! Awesome work guys! Announcing the new "rockstars" of the Australian photography market..... Matt & Katie! I can not wait to see what this next year brings!
  38. Seriously cool blog, congratulations.
    • You guys rock, and deserve SO much success. What you give to the industry I hope you get back tenfold :) LOVE the new look too :)
  39. Congrats you two, it's awesome!! Love the new logo and biz name! Perfect.
  40. Bianca said:
    OMG guys congratulations! This is an amazing looking blog, I think I might be in love with it! I love that logo too!
  41. Congratulations to you both on your new blog/site/branding! Love your work and have done for so long, and have learnt so much from you guys. Can't wait to follow the new blog. Woo hoo!!
  42. Love the new look guys. :) Congratulations!
  43. Ngoc said:
    You guys! This is absolutely fantastic! I totally did not see this coming and could not have imagined it to be this awesome!I love how light and airy everything is! It's as if Jose Villa and Jennifer Skog had a love child and you guys are it! I cannot wait to see more from you two. M<3K rocks!
  44. Seriously LOVE it guys. Love it all. So yummy, so YOU GUYS! Can't wait to see what you guys get up to over the next few years! Woohoo for you both - some of the best branding I've seen in well.. ever... actually...
  45. Go you good things!!!!!!!!! x
  46. Thanks for the mention guys - can't wait to see all the new photos coming through! Oh and Katie don't forget if your keen on a design position you know how to contact me :P
  47. Oh guys this is even better than I ever imagined, you are both so talented! If Katie gets bored with photography she can always go into graphic design! Well done, I love you guys and can't wait to see how Matt & Katie I Photographers grows! xxx
  48. James Day said:
    This is an effing awesome blog! I effing love you both, I just effing want to be you both. EFF!!! James