Matt and I were testing the light at a wedding the other day and we took these shots of each other… and I really like them!

However, that ISN’T the reason for this blog post. The reason for this blog post is to let you in on a little secret…

If you follow our blog, and you are constantly hitting the refresh button in the hope that something new is going to pop up… you might be interested in joining our Matt and Katie | Photographers group on Facebook!

Not only will you be kept up-to-date with our super interesting status updates like:

“THE WORST THING EVER HAPPENED TODAY…. I (Katie) stood in dog poop on a photoshoot! Ewww…. NOT cool….!”

You will also have special access to our ‘Sneak Peek Album’. Yes! That’s right! You will get to see sneak peeks BEFORE they even hit the blog!

So if you are on Facebook, you can become a fan HERE

If you are NOT on Facebook … well, that’s just weird! 😛



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  1. Apple said:
    i'm officially a fan!!!:)
  2. LisaK said:
    Totally going to FB right now to 'fan' you! I love your photos and love Katie's necklace ; )
  3. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    I have just writeen in my diary an historic comment, today I saw a photo of Matthew wearing a tie. You look so smart, Katie doesn't look to bad either wearing a nice necklace. By the way what's facebook??
  4. Annie said:
    Unfortunately, I am in both categories - I am always checking for updates, and I am weird. I don't have facebook. :) These photos are great! Katie I love your necklace!
  5. Brenda said:
    pretty sure I am already a FB fan after discovering you on Flickr (the SCPBA group, where you are ever so helpful to all) but just thought I would give you a giggle and let you know that I had the opportunity to press my face up against your studio window and stare like a love struck teenager when I was in Toowoomba on Sunday night (I'm from Goomeri). Love it.