About 3 or 4 years ago, we were inspired by some photographers who were leading photo tours to other countries.

At the time, we thought “That’d be cool to do someday!”

Well … tonight at midnight we fly to Cambodia to lead our very own Photo Adventure Tour for the first time! We’ll be joined by 12 lovely people, some from as far away as Canada!

After the 9-day tour, we’ll have some down-time to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary in Cambodia. This will also mark our 8th year of working for ourselves.

Photography allows us to live an amazing life that’s full of travel and adventure. Best of all, we get to enjoy it together.

If we could go back 8 years and give “past Matt & Katie” some advice from “future Matt & Katie”, it’d be this …

“Dream big, work hard and never stop believing that anything is possible.”

Our next Photo Adventure Tour to Cambodia will be in May 2014. Let us know HERE if you’re keen to come along.

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  1. I've been following your photography for awhile now and I'm so happy for you guys with this adventure. Can't wait to see the photos!
  2. Ken said:
    Have a wonderful, blessed time on your inaugural photo tour. AND have a lovely 8th wedding anniversary in December.