This was featured on our old blog, but it was such a popular post we thought we’d share it again!

Here’s the story behind this video … We had just returned from celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in Sydney. After such a fun trip we were suffering a touch of excitement deprivation so we spontaneously recorded this video. I mean, what else is there to do on a boring Monday night?

Katie absolutely loves Glee but Matt, not so much. However, there is one song he just can’t get enough of.

Life is better when you don’t take yourselves too seriously 🙂 We hope you get a giggle out of this!

~Matt and Katie.

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  1. [...] a fabulous conference like this finish, the air was so heavy at this point, something was needed. THIS gleeful moment was the perfect antidote! Thanks M&K, you guys rock, thank you for [...]
  2. Love it, just so gleeky! Perfect for the end of the HOTD by the way, I had tears!
  3. Angela Gordon said:
    I have been meaning to sit down for months and check out your blogs. OMG sooo funny.
  4. nicole said: made me giggle.....even made my husband chuckle also :) you guys
  5. Dang... so much fun. Wish we had more time to hang out in Vegas. Might need to go to Australia someday.
  6. [...] friends, Tim Stewart, posted this on our wall. I’m not are sure if it’s as good as our Glee Video, but it was too good and too funny not to [...]
  7. Melanie said:
    Fantastic! It certainly has made my day! Thank you
  8. Theresa McDonald said:
    You guys have just made my day....seriously...thank you! I'm soooo not gonna stop believing!
  9. Weenie said:
    Mother dear showed me this video a day or two after I had my wisdom teeth taken out - it was a very painful experience. You two are so crazy, I love it! :)
  10. Lauren said:
    Im laughing my head off, this is awesome! Im with you, Katie, Glee ROCKS, wish it would could back soon! And Ps, im going to be signing this song all afternoon now...! :)
  11. WOW. that is just awesome! You two are so cute! LOVED the video!!!!
  12. LisaK said:
    Okay, so the wind effect totally made me crack up! You guys not only take fabulous photos but you can lip sync really well ; ) I have really enjoyed perusing your blog. Keep up the great work!
  13. Jess Gunn said:
    Im pretty sure I just wet my pants! that is AMAZING!
  14. Jo Gardiner said:
    This is brilliant! I want to see more of these for sure!! You guys are so fun.
  15. sheena said:
    haha.....the uninhibited katie! this is so well done, I'm still chuckling - you're a great pair xo
  16. Angie Peady said:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I think I've played it 4 times now - grabbing another person to watch each time. Thanks for making us laugh I would like to see more of these :) Hmmm, I wonder what else you could add to the playlist?
  17. trish said:
    You 2 are awesome. it is great. Love the song
  18. Natasha said:
    My 7 year old daughter requests that I play this for her all the time! She just loves dancing and singing along with you both :)
  19. Bianca said:
    hahahahaha thats awesome!
  20. Anne said:
    Haha - you guys are crazy :)
    • Matt and Katie -
      It's true... we are a little crazy!