Some of you may know this, some may not. About a week before Christmas, Katie collapsed twice in one day. The first time at the gym and the second time at home where I found her almost unconscious in the bathroom. I rushed her to the hospital emergency room, not knowing what was wrong with my princess … the most important person on the planet to me.

The doctors ran all sorts of tests and eventually the diagnosis came back as burnout and exhaustion. Not the best news, but nowhere near as bad as the scenarios racing through my mind. Basically, Katie had been working so hard, giving so much of herself, that her body just gave up.

As a result, Katie wasn’t able to work for just over three months. There were a few weddings and shoots that had to be done in that time. But, like the trooper she is, Katie powered through and nobody was any the wiser. You’d have to chain Katie to her bed to stop her from delivering on a promise she’d made.

It was during this time that I started looking ahead to our trip to America, and how I could make it even more special for Katie. The trip itself was a surprise for Katie, as was WPPI. Plus, we’d be in Vegas for her birthday and I had tentative plans for trips to the Grand Canyon and New York. Not bad I know, but it felt like something extra was missing.

An idea came to me. We’ve been married just over 4 years and the only photos we have of ourselves are dodgy happy snaps, and our wedding photos. As photographers, it’s rare for us to be in front of the camera. I love taking photos of Katie but it was sad to think about how few photos we have of the two of us together.

I started my search by looking at the blog of one of Katie’s favourite photographers, Simply Bloom. Christine and Vania from Simply Bloom won’t mind me saying that they are Katie’s second favourite photographers, right after Jose Villa.

It turned out that Christine and Vania were going to WPPI in Vegas as well and they were doing a limited number of sessions! No way! I booked the session as another surprise for Katie … and the rest, as they say, is history.

Photography captures something that is lost in the busyness of life. Thank you Christine and Vania for capturing that something for us.

Here’s one photo from our shoot. You can see the rest on the Simply Bloom blog. Please leave Christine and Vania a comment, they are two of the sweetest and most talented girls we know. And we miss them dearly.

I’ve also created a slideshow of the images which you can watch below. The music is slightly cheesy, but it’s one of our favourites.

Katie deserves more than I can ever give her … but that doesn’t stop me trying.


Simply Bloom

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  1. shikha said:
    I love it, you have really create a magic by clicking this perfect shot
  2. Lene said:
    so so so nice!! i love it! <3
  3. Shannon said:
    Wow, Matt, no wonder you're besotted - you have yourself such a stunning girl. The photos are gorgeous - simply bloom did a great job.
  4. [...] Recently we invested in this experience and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made as a married couple. You can see our love captured HERE. [...]
  5. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!! I frequent your blog and I just found SB's blog not too long ago... the funny thing is that when I was reading SB's for the first time, it was YOU I was looking at, thinking..."I know them, but where from?!" DUH! The way I found SB was from Google'in' 'wedding photographers in Huntsville Alabama'... the way I found you was on Jasmine's blog... small world, eh?! And to think, I live about 30 min north of SB and never knew they were based here until looking on GOOGLE! Geez...
  6. Katherine Cooper said:
    Aw Katie! I hope you're feeling better now. Those photos were just stunning. I think someone else has said it, but you two are just as good in front of the camera as you are behind it.
  7. Your love for each other makes my heart skip a beat.
  8. I don't know if you know this, but I think the world of you two and I'm so excited for all the good things that are going on in your lives, but more than that I think you both are two of the nicest people I have ever met. These photos are simply gorgeous and couldn't be more perfect.
  9. Jeanette said:
    What a beautiful photo! Glad Katie is up and at'em again
  10. Amanda said:
    Wow they are just beautiful and I love the song too! (Whats the song called, cos I love it!) Congrats you guys on everything that you do - EXCELLENCE is what you bring!
    • Matt and Katie -
      Amanda - The song is "I'm in Love with You" by Joy Williams.
  11. Annie said:
    You guys are gorgeous! Glad you're feeling better Katie :)
  12. You're a wonderful husband! So sweet. And your photographs really captured your guys' love.
  13. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Oh Matthew you romantic you. A chip off the old block eh? Well, why not when we have such wonderfully special wives to love and cherish.
  14. Rebecca said:
    These are gorgeous, and Katie I'm right up there with you - Jose Villa and Simply Bloom are my faves also. You guys radiate such love, and it's captured perfectly within these shots. you guys are so lucky to have ended up together, because as they say, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be! Congrats on the phenomenol shots.
  15. Emma Fourie said:
    Amazing amazing amazing - you guys are so adorable! and that was my wedding song!!! ha if you're ever in new zealand again - let me know! :)
  16. Wolf-whistle from over here. You guys look so AWESOME!!Congrats these pics seem to show us a little window into your souls & your wonderful marriage. Yeh
  17. LOVE the slideshow! the music is divine, and made me cry :) HEART you guys! thank you thank you for allowing us to document your love!
  18. IamMel said:
    The MOST beautiful photos I have ever seen. So many took my breath away, made me cry. You two certainly make a gorgeous couple and look so much in LOVE!
  19. Jodie said:
    AMAZING is a under statement - Perfection xx
  20. Makes me want to go and shoot in the dessert! That lighting is perfection! Beautiful!! My husband and I realized the same thing last year. We had loads of shots of the kids I had taken but no really good ones of us as a family. So now we are determined to do family shots every year. i'll have to keep Simply Bloom in mind!!
  21. Beautiful Images. Wow, totally blown away!!
  22. Ohhh just perfect, wonderful, gorgeous!!!!
  23. Matt - you are so sweet and you are such a gorgeous couple - its great that now you have photo's that demonstrate the love you have for one another. They are gorgeous!!!!
  24. Anja said:
    Gosh KAtiel, I think you might have the best husband ever. I'm sure this ist now news to you though :-) love the photos, so sweet!
  25. Ngoc said:
    Dear Matt, Thank you for "introducing" me to Katie. She is such a beautiful person and I already love her without even meeting her! I'm so glad to know she's doing better and that it wasn't anything serious. You are so sweet for organizing this photo shoot. It looks so beautiful and what a sentimental gift!!!
  26. Matt and Katie, There are no words to describe how flattered and humbled we feel. I seriously teared up when I saw your thank you note at the end of the slide show. It's such recognition that makes it all worth it!!! Can't wait to see you guys again x0x0
  27. Lily Grace Malligan said:
    That is wonderful!!! What song is that is so gorgeous :)
    • Matt and Katie -
      The song is "I'm in Love with You" by Joy Williams.
  28. BIG sigh after reading this. So beautiful to see your love in front of the camera!!
  29. This is the most adorable thing ever! Matt - you are a star for organising this and I am sure Katie is beyond thrilled with the images :)
  30. Jenny Sun said:
    these are incredibly beautiful. So much soul, love, and spirit. You two are amazing :D and so is your photographer! :D
  31. awww - love love love!!!!!
  32. You guys are just SO adorable!! Such a beautiful surprise Matt - wish more guys were like you!LOL
  33. wow. what an amazing slideshow. Im all emotional and teary after watching that! You two are just gorgeous! These photos are exquisite.
  34. Ohmigosh, you guys are so cute! What a lovely thought and what lovely words. You're lucky to have each other!
  35. Oh my gosh you guys are super hot! Matt that is just so special what an amazing idea, first the trip and then the whole photo shoot with Katie's fav photographers WOW! Just Stunning!
  36. trish said:
    These are so special, you guys have something amazing going on :) Can't wait to keep seeing it grow!!
  37. Kristen said:
    My partner and I have the exact same problem - we're always behind the camera and never in front of it both together! Fabulous pics, I'm sure you'll treasure them.
  38. Rosie said:
    beautiful words. amazing images :). I had coffee with Christine and Vania right before your shoot, they were so excited and I am not surprised!! wow.
  39. Beautiful :) just gorgeous
  40. Fiona K said:
    What beautiful words & images... gorgeous!
  41. OMG guys that is freaking awesome!! Had a smile on my face the whole time whilst watching that. Beautiful, beautiful images and Katie is such a stunner! 'sigh'...just wonderful! x
  42. Micaela said:
    Matt, your last sentence brought a tear to my eye. Katie is one lucky girl. Beautiful images!
  43. Aw you guys... tear. Sniff. LOVE LOVE LOVE you two, and love you two together! :) Makes me really miss you guys! Beautiful slideshow, beautiful images, and a beautiful love you share. xoxo
  44. Loved the story of how you guys finally ended up with each other. So beautiful. Images are amazing
    • V -
      Wow. Absolutely divine. Is it just me, or is it obvious to everyone that you are both as good in front of a camera as you are behind one. :)