With the best of intentions we planned to blog every second day during our trip to America. But, in all honesty, we’ve found it impossible to do!

Every morning we would leave our hotel, take in the sights and photograph till our fingers were sore and our memory cards full. Then we’d get back to our room late at night and CRASH into bed.

Conclusion: Traveling is fun but exhausting!

So, we thought we’d let you know that we are not holding out on you! We are currently working on some blog posts to fill you in on our trip, and update you with photos from photo-shoots we’ve done here in America: A desert Lovey-Dovey Shoot outside Las Vegas, amazing photos from The Grand Canyon, fun times and cool photos from New York, and photos from an awesome Lovey-Dovey Shoot in Nashville, it will all be up here soon!

We also have lots of weddings we still need to blog, and lots of weddings coming up in the next few weeks! CRAZY! We are going to be blogging like MAD!

~Matt and Katie.


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  1. Welcome back guys, great to have you back safe :D
  2. So glad you made it home safe! I can't wait to see all the fun upcoming blog posts :). It was an absolute PLEASURE to meet you both - one that I'll always treasure. I look forward to future WPPI or "just for fun" visits (like you want to think about traveling right now!)...
  3. Lauren said:
    WOW! very nice, one question is that a crashed plane on the right hand side?
    • Nick -
      It's not actually a crashed plane. According to one of the class instructors I had at WPPI it was placed there. Reason unknown though
    • It was a prop for a movie (can't remember which one now....), but I've shot there before and it's an amazing location!
    • I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's imsrpesing me! :)