Venice captivated us over four magical days. This is how she said goodbye.

Surely this is a dream?

Please don’t wake us. We want to sleep forever.

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  1. Now that's just ridiculous!
  2. nancy said:
  3. Holy Moly!!! That is outstanding!!
  4. This is one of the most gorgeous scenes ever! Where was this taken from? Your hotel? Awesome.
  5. Rebecca said:
    Of course Venice said goodbye to you in that way - she knew you guys would be the perfect ones to capture it so beautifully! I hope the universe conspires to take me and my camera to Europe one day soon! :)
  6. Kellee said:
    Amazing shot!Wow.
  7. wow that is an amazing shot.
  8. der, you said you had a magical time. Redundant comment on my behalf.
  9. How divine is THAT! I hope you had a magical time :)
  10. My goodness, that does appear to be a dream. I think I need to start packing my bags.
  11. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    What an amazing picture. When you look at it carefully you can see its like a big kiss sign.
  12. WOW guys! Have to say the sky did some pretty amazing in Venice! I caught an amazing sunset... I hope the photo does it justice like this... absolutely stunning! I hope you guys are having an amazing time, I'm sad to be home from Europe.. Cant wait to go back!