Oh my goodness! This year is shaping up to be such a wild ride.

In March it was a shock (in a good way) to be named the 2012 AIPP Queensland Travel Photographer of the Year.

Then, on Monday night at the Australian Professional Photography Awards Gala Dinner in Melbourne, I was surprised again with another award.

This time, it was the 2012 AIPP Australian Fusion Photographer of the Year! Woah!

Fusion is a fancy way of describing a piece that mixes photos and video. Creating a piece like this isn’t a one off for me, or something I did just for the awards. If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that the idea of mixing photos and video really is built into the fabric of our business.

The piece I entered is a simple one and it tells an everyday story. That’s what I think makes it so beautiful. It’s real and honest. Exactly how I approach weddings.

A few people have asked whether I had help producing the piece. That’s a good question. No, I didn’t. I shot both the photos and the video by myself, and I did the editing as well. I’m most proud that this piece is 100% documentary, in that no direction was given at all during the shoot. Whatever happened, I followed the action and chose to capture it without telling anyone what to do or when to do it.

The song is by my very good friend, Stu Larsen. Stu travels the world making his music and the world is a better place for his music being in it. Stu’s worldly possessions amount to not much more than a guitar and the clothes on his back. His life and his music are a huge source of inspiration for me. You can support a brilliant Aussie artist by purchasing Stu’s music from iTunes or his website.

Instead of thanking a bunch of people in this blog post, I’ve included a video of my thank-you speech from the Gala Dinner.

In an ironic turn of events, the Fusion category was sponsored by Livestream and just as my name was announced … the live feed of the awards cut out! Not that this was Livestream’s fault, or anyone’s else’s fault either. Poor reception at the venue made it tough to even get a signal out to the interwebs.

Luckily, my good mate Pete whipped out his camera and recorded my thank-you speech.

I won’t say any more. My thank-you speech really shows how much this means to me.


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  1. [...] called “Bryn”. You can check out the entry, as well as Matt’s speech, over on their website. Congratulations Matt, the piece was amazing and a deserving win. We even got a nice memento out of [...]
  2. Caro said:
    Congratulatrions on your award Matt. I absolutely love that fusion piece. I just wish I had something like that of my babies... (But I don't think fusion was invented back then!)
  3. Terry Ebenezer said:
    What can we say, you make us proud of your achievements as I'm sure your parents and gorgeous wife are. Cheers 'Uncle' Terry and 'Auntie' Kay, Sunshine Coast
  4. Jakob said:
    Matt, this is so well deserved! There's something in your and Katies work that people (that includes me) can connect with much more than with many other wedding photog sites. I think it's that you care about the people most. Thank you for being a reminder on what should be in the center of all wedding photogs and videographers work. Jakob
  5. Congratulations Matt! Can't pass this moment to post a comment. You deserve it big time. You are the first person that inspires me to be in the world of wedding videography. I even downloaded your videos before to watch it over and over again and learn from it. It's easy to shoot and edit but never easy to tell a story. Maybe that's why I love your work with Katie. She's my no. 1 photographer when it comes to story telling :) You're right! You owe it to Katie when it comes to photography haha You're a lucky man! Cheers from the Philippines
  6. Very nice videos of high quality . Thanks for sharing
  7. Kyrin said:
    Congratulations Matt! You deserve this awesome award! Both Jared & I love your work. We love & passion you guys pour into whatever you photograph. So glad we could have you guys photograph our wedding & truly bring out the best in each photo.
  8. juanita said:
    congratulations Matt... well deserved!
  9. Nancy said:
    Matt that was so simple yet told a story that rings true with all of us. Beautifully captured with tenderness and love... thank you for sharing and congratulations on the award.
  10. Awesome! So humble, and such a great speech. Well done.
  11. Beautiful video. I wish I'd had the foresight to do something like this when my daughter was born - I'm going to blame the sleep deprivation...
  12. Congratulations... you are amazing!!... and that call out to Katie should keep you stocked up in brownie point for quite some time... super sweet <3
  13. Charlie Finn said:
    Congratulations, the film bought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful!
  14. sharlene said:
    Congratulations Matt, once again you've captured touching moments of a family that are treasured memories. Well done, you deserve such recognition.
  15. Donna Seen said:
    That was absolutely heart warming. That couple will cherish that for a lifetime :) Congratulations on the win!
  16. Daneka said:
    Aww that was so beautiful Matt! No wonder you won! Congratulations by the way! Ps great choice in music! It fit perfect! :)
  17. Congratulations Matt, what a wonderful achievement, your work is inspirational and as a dad, it makes me treasure my own family.
  18. Alejandra said:
    Oh I burst into tears with that video/photography Matt. So precious. Congratulations on the win, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  19. Ken & Cherrill. said:
    Congratulations & very well done. A lovely touching story told in a unique way.
  20. Ken & Cherrill said:
    Congratulations & very well done. Loved the video & photos that told a lovely touching story.
  21. Lara said:
    Such beautiful work, Matt. Congrats on the win!
  22. Annie said:
    So moving. A very well deserved win. You definitely are made to do this, no doubt about it.
  23. Bek said:
    Oh! That was you! Was there at the judging watching this with the crowd spilling out the doorway....love your work Matt. This one was my favourite. And yes...I agreed with (I think maybe Ryan?) that it was a very poignant image of the baby in the bassinet with his head turned to the cot...time marches on. Nice one.
  24. Hannah said:
    Just beautiful Matt, I can totally see why you won!!! Well deserved! And thank you Pete for recording his thank you speech!!!