Many of the rescued girls will change their names upon arriving at the hostels. It’s a way for them to leave their past behind and begin a new life.

This is Ruth’s story.

Chandra Kala Badi (now Ruth) is 14 years old. She is originally from Chinchiu in Nepal but now lives in the Tusal Hostel in Kathmandu where she is loved and cared for.

She is sponsored by a family from Queensland.

When Chandra Kala was 6 years old she lived in India with her parents. She had an older married sister and a younger brother and sister. Both parents worked mowing grass and washing clothes. At the age of 9 her mother married another man and came back to Nepal with Chandra Kala’s younger sister. Chandra Kala was left behind in India with her sister and brother in law.

One day, she failed to cook the food and was beaten by her brother in law. She ran away back to Surkhet and asked a hotel owner if she could stay for one night. She stayed there 7 days washing dishes.

Relatives of Chandra Kala said they would look after her and help her study. They promised her a good life but instead they drugged her and sold her to a brothel owner in Delhi. In the brothel she was forced to have sex with many men. If she resisted she was beaten.

The first time a man chose her she was only 12 years of age. She fought him and cried but the brothel owner beat her into submission. She was in the brothel for 18 months and was forced to have sex with up to 60 men a day.

The police raided the brothel in Delhi and Chandra Kala was taken into custody with other girls from the brothel. Chandra Kala was in police custody for 23 days before the brothel owner paid a bribe to the police. The police also raped the girls while they were in custody.

The brothel owner put Sunaina (her brothel name) in a bath with electric wires attached. As a result she suffered brain damage and was unable to think for 30 days which meant she couldn’t incriminate the brothel owner. Even while she was suffering brain damage she was forced to have sex with men. She was always kept naked to arouse the customers and she was continually drugged and under surveillance cameras.

After a while, she became feint due to the abuse, drugs and lack of sleep. Because of this the brothel owner considered her no longer useful. The brothel owner informed the community in Surkhet and Chandra Kala’s sister travelled to Delhi by begging bus drivers. Her sister took her to hospital then brought her to Zuprakala and called Pastor Raju, who is the main contact at the hostels in Kathmandu.

Pastor Raju heard of her plight from the Zuprakala community and arranged for Chandra Kala to come to the Tusal hostel in January 2012. Her face was swollen and she was taken to the hospital to have a thorough medical examination including testing for HIV AIDS.

Ruth has shared her story so that other girls like her can also be rescued.

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