As hard as I tried I couldn’t help but giggle like a little kid as we drove through LA! This is my first time to America, so everything is so exciting and new! Yellow taxi’s, yellow school buses, firetrucks and police cars, I couldn’t help but say to Matt “Everything looks like it’s out of the Movies!”.

Matt is really good at driving on the other side of the road. I’m getting used to it now, but at first it was scary! All your natural instincts are totally wrong, even when crossing the street you look the wrong way! I flinch at every car that pulls out of a driveway or wizzes past.

First up we visited the famous Santa Monica Pier, then we checked out Venice Beach. Matt said it wasn’t as busy and crazy as usual, but I didn’t mind! There was still so much to look at.

Mulholland Drive was a highlight for me, it’s a has lots of fancy houses with million dollar views. We stopped at a lookout at the top and took some happy snaps.

I don’t remember much about checking into The Sofitel Los Angeles as I was in a bit of a daze and my eyes were wanting to shut! Matt and I calculated that we had been awake for 31 hours straight, so we went to bed early and we slept like rocks!

When our alarm went off the next morning I thought surely it had gone off by mistake, but no, it was 8am. We dragged ourselves out of bed, had a shower, and got ready for our second day in LA.

Once in the car we headed to Hollywood! We walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and we saw where they are setting up for The Oscars.

Heaps of people on the side walk were hassling us to do their bus tours, so we obviously looked like tourists. I would have liked to have done one of the celebrity house tours but we had planned to go to Universal Studios, so we didn’t have time.

We saw the Hollywood Sign in the distance as we made our way to Universal. We arrived at 2.30pm, and found out the theme park closes at 5pm – QUICK!

Matt and I really did cram a lot in! We ran around like mad people trying to see as much as we could in as short amount a time. We went all the rides and did the ‘behind the scenes’ tour. I even got to meet a celebrity! I was so excited when we got to meet Duncan, one of the dog stars from the movie Marley and Me!

After leaving Universal we drove around LA just looking at things. We went down famous streets like Melrose Ave and Rodeo Drive. On Melrose we stopped and went into the coolest retro vintage second hand shop ever, American Vintage. Unfortunately all the girls clothes were WAY too small for me. Most of the clothing was from the 50s – 70s and were about a size 8. But, it was seriously one of the coolest shops ever!

Back at the Sofitel we realised that we had only eaten a muffin and a Dodger Dog (hot dog) all day, and that we were starving! So we headed out for dinner.

Here are some photos of our two days in LA! They are just happy snaps, but I thought it’d be fun to share them with you!


The view from Santa Monica Pier.

My Dad is a HUGE fan of Forrest Gump – so this is for you Dad!


The view from the top of Mulholland Drive.




Universal Studios!


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  1. Lachlan said:
    What the heck kind of dog is that?
  2. Danny O'Neill said:
    Just yesterday Julie and I were watching forest gump and remembering the meal we had at Bubba Gumps in New Orleans. We blogged about every city we visited in our special holiday blog. So nice to be able to look back on such things.
  3. Annie said:
    I love Bubba Gump Shrimp!
  4. It's like I was there yesterday! I'm about to fly out and cant' wait to see you in Vegas! Lets to the outlets in Vegas before we leave!
  5. How FUN! I especially adore the photo of the beach. You two are the BEST and I've loved having you in Vegas!!! By the way, it's sad that I've never even been to Universal Studios and I live only a few hours away... I've got to fix that :).
  6. Ken & Cherrill, said:
    Glad you are having a good time. I like Mickey Mouse. Send us a postcard.
  7. Ngoc said:
    You look so cute doing all these touristy things!
  8. So very jealous guys, I hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly ;)