We’ve run successful photography businesses for nearly 7 years. Our portrait business was founded on doing awesome sales without having to be sleazy salespeople. In one year Katie did $260,000 in family portraits without a single loss-leader promotion or voucher-free-shoot offer in a town with over 100 photographers.

Last year we shot 40 weddings.  This year we’re doing another 40!  Out of those 80 weddings, 75 of them were booked over Skype. For the last year we’ve averaged around 50 wedding enquiries per month. Yep … 50 per month!

In 2011/2012 we’ve spent nearly 6 months overseas.  Our photography has taken us to many amazing places such as Thailand, England, Wales, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, America, Canada and New Zealand. This year more countries have been added to our ever growing list of destinations, including Nepal and Fiji.

Matt is a teacher at heart as well as a problem-solving analytical thinker. Katie is the most genuine, non-business-y, non-sales-y person you’ll ever meet and she doesn’t have a single business bone in her body.  Everything we’ve developed together has been to give Katie all the tools she needs to achieve her goals and dreams as a photographer.

It’s this mash-up of creativity, business, problem-solving and analytical thinking, plus our passion and skill for teaching that makes what we have to offer so unique.

Most of all, we very strongly believe in the power of photography and business to improve all of our lives.  Gosh that sounds cheesy! 🙂 But it’s the truth, and it’s why we teach and coach other photographers. Whether your goals and dreams are big or small … we will teach you how to use photography and business to reach them.

Teaching and business coaching isn’t something we take lightly.  Not at all.  The photography industry doesn’t need more rockstars, what it needs is more teachers.

We’ve learned that there isn’t a magic bullet to running a successful photography business. Instead, there are hundreds of things you need to get right for your business to have the best chance at success.

As passionate as we are about photography, we’re even more passionate about helping other photographers reach their goals and dreams too!

Thank you for your interest in our two day workshop in Cork, Ireland!

This workshop is all about taking everything we teach and helping you to apply it all to YOUR life and business. You’ll leave the workshop with a solid, practical step-by-step plan to make the necessary changes to your business and your photography.

Here’s what makes this workshop different:

Over the two days you will get the hands-on practical help you need to improve YOUR photography and business. There will be heaps of time for Q&A and lots of time to address the individual challenges you’re facing with your photography and business.

The small group (only 15 attendees) enables us to be really flexible with what we teach and tailor it to each unique group. Weddings are our primary focus but what we teach is relevant to both wedding and portrait photographers. Family portraits were our bread and butter for years, so portrait photographers will get a lot out of what we teach as well.

Topics and Activities:
– How we shoot and interact with our clients (live shoot in the afternoon) – including our posing formula/recipe/system for consistent and creative portraits – plus plenty of time for you to shoot as well
– Practical ways to STAND OUT in a competitive and saturated market
– Your Business is a Chain – how to improve each and every link
– How to use systems to minimise your short-comings
– Strategies for Marketing and Client Care – proven, practical ways to drive enquiries and referrals
– Working out who you are as a photographer to find your own style and voice
– How to build an authentic business around your personality
– Attracting and booking the right clients for you and your style
– How to set effective client expectations and boundaries for a drama free business and life
– Processing and Workflow – from shoot to delivery and how we deliver weddings within 2 weeks
– Documentary, Reportage, Photo-journalism and Storytelling
– How to use Photography + Business to achieve your goals and dreams
– How to use Photography to Make a Difference

… and how all this comes together to provide us with a 6 figure income and a great lifestyle as well.

Q&A Sessions – throughout both days.


Do attend if:

– You want to learn how to STAND OUT in a competitive and saturated market.
– You’ve ever gone to a workshop or conference before and returned home not knowing where to start.
– You want advice and help specific to your photography and business.
– You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to improve your business.
– You want more than a pep-talk, motivational speech or vague “follow your dreams” advice.
– You want to learn from our mistakes.

and if you’re saying any of the following:

– Why aren’t I getting more enquiries?
– I’m getting enquiries, but why aren’t I booking them?
– I’m getting enquiries but after meeting with the clients they still don’t book.
– I wish I could attract the type of clients that I’d really love to photograph.
– I’d really like to learn to interact better with clients on photo-shoots.
– Surely it’s not meant to be this hard!
– I’m stuck and I don’t know where to start.

Don’t attend if:
– Your business is kicking butt and you’ve got it all figured out.
– You stand out in your market and you’re getting all the enquiries and bookings you want.
– All your clients are your ideal clients.
– You’re not overwhelmed when it comes to running and improving your business.



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