When Katie is in Nepal, there’s usually only a few minutes of internet time each day to connect to home. For the next 4 days or so Katie will be lucky to have any internet at all. First world problems hey?

It’s not the lack of internet though. It’s going without contact or communication that is the scary part.

Katie’s not kicking down doors or anything. But for a girl with anxiety and a protective husband like me, it’s still scary.

A few nights ago, Katie used her internet time to send this photo to me. She typed a short message to go with it which I’ve included next to the photo.

Gosh. The things we take for granted.

And the difference a single, simple photograph can make.

This photo didn’t rescue anyone, or stop an evil human-trafficker. It won’t win an award or get 1,000 likes on Facebook. Maybe it should?

All this photo did was add a little more light to a dark, dark world.

Sometimes … that’s all you can do.

Keep being the light Katie.

We’re all thinking of you – and those precious girls – and we’re behind you 100%.


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  1. Amazing how sometimes you can touch someone with such a simple gesture :-) You never really know the other person's situation, and to give something so small that means so much, always very touching.
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  3. Kofo B said:
    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Dena said:
    Wow. Touching beyond words. Thank you for this.
  5. Arlene said:
    Instant tears. I want to hug her and Katie. Thank you for highlighting that a simple act of kindness and showing appreciation can have an incredible effect on someone.
  6. Robyn Johnson said:
    Another beautiful gift in the form of a memory you have given us all - thank you Katie and Matt for posting xx
  7. So so beautiful! Gosh the stories that must be behind those eyes. Your beautiful Katie, stay safe and enjoy your trip xx
  8. Annie said:
    Oh my goodness. That has so much impact on my heart.
  9. Liz Jury said:
    such a compelling photo... Wow... we just should all be kind to each other eh?... Not all of us are going to change the world, but you know I bet if everyone just was a little bit kinder to each other, with a smile a kind word or gesture, we COULD change the world!!!! Katie is pretty amazing I have to say!!!
  10. Mary said:
    She is beautiful. The photo is gorgeous. Thank you for your courage and bravery Katie, but also for your kind heart and beautiful soul.
  11. Janine said:
    we do take so much for granted. she is beautiful. what an amazing experience you are having, kati. X
  12. Well said, Matt! So proud of you Katie!