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I’d like to teach 1 (or 2) photographers or videographers or bloggers or writers how to use their skills to partner with a small unknown NGO or charity to make a massive difference in the world. For free. Most likely over Skype, unless they want to come to me 🙂

Here’s the full story:

In January of this year, Katie (my wife) and I traveled to Cambodia to use our photography to document a small village school that our friend started.

The school was started only 2 years ago and now gives a free english education to over 700 children every day. On top of that, the school provides the only clean drinking water for miles, as well as basic health and hygiene classes.

It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished in two short years. But now they’re struggling with a cash-flow that is very unpredictable and the future looks uncertain.

As well as uncovering the totally inspirational stories of everyone involved in starting and running the school … we also came up with a way to solve their cash-flow problem.

Last Wednesday (13 March), at a huge photography conference in Las Vegas – of all places – we launched a campaign to find 700 supporters who could give $10 per month to take care of the school’s running costs.

700 kids. 700 supporters.

Here’s the link to the campaign:

After 5 days here’s where the launch is up to:

– 157 supporters so far – our goal is 700
– $2,300 in one-off donations
– Over 1,100 plays on the video that launched the campaign
– Over 400 shares on Facebook

We’re not there yet, but I know we’ll make it to our goal and change the world for these 700 Cambodian children and their families.

Here’s the bigger goal I have …

To let creatives know that they can change the world. One small unknown NGO or charity at a time.

Every time we return home from one of these trips the response is the same from everyone we talk to, “I’ve always wanted to do something like that!”

There are thousands of small unknown NGO’s and charities. And there are thousands of photographers/videographers/bloggers/writers who are generous and kind and want to do something like this.

They just don’t know where to start.

I’d like to make as many creatives as possible aware of this situation … and then to encourage and equip them with the skills and knowledge to go and change the world.

Often the difference between success or failure for small NGO’s and charities comes down to a photographer, videographer, blogger or writer who is willing to tell and share the organisation’s story.

This trip to Cambodia isn’t a once off for us. Last year, Katie (my wife) traveled to Nepal to document the work of a small unknown organisation that rescues girls as young as 5 years old from sex-trafficking. Katie’s photos are now being used to help save girls from the worst kind of living hell. We’re planning a similar campaign for them as well.

In a couple of weeks Katie is returning to Nepal to continue telling this story.

Talk soon! 🙂

Matt Ebenezer.